Often while growing up, people allow you to believe things that will later prove untrue. It's not an intent to deceive; in fact, if I could ascribe any motivation to it, it's likely a desire to let childhood and dreaming last.

But in working with college age young people, I've found that many of them feel somehow short-changed when they realize marriage isn't the answer to a habit of lusting, that the world isn't made up of all black-or-white decisions, or even that they'll still struggle to be consistent in having their devotions after college.

My wife and I have often talked about this unintentional disservice that people do to young people, and we've tried to be brutally (and biblically) honest with young people we counsel.

But my heart is as a mentor. Life's challenging enough without incorrect information! So my intent is to deal with things here--as a Bible-believing Christian trying to help younger Christians navigate the road ahead of them. We'll start with once a week, and I'll deal with very real issues young men and women face. In fact, I'll probably have faces of friends in mind as I write--usually young men I've gotten to know during their student days.

And I'll call this "Paragraphs to my young friend."

More paragraphs to come
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