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Pietro Diliberto
No pain no gain!
No pain no gain!
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Please welcome the Withings Pulse!
Withings Pulse (smart activity tracker)
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Our activity tracker is on its way! It will be available by the summer. Thank you all for your interest and patience ;)

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Hi ! Thank you

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Lunedi sera, a correre;
Martedi sera, a correre;
Mercoledi che mal di gambe, ma sono andato a correre;
Giovedi sera, a correre;
Venerdi sera non volevo andarci ma ho l'allenamento e allora sono andato a correre; Sabato sera, a correre;
Domenica .... A SAN GIORIO !

21° giro del lago del Moncenisio : DONE
Time: 1h23m
Distance: 17 Km
Pace: 4:53 min/Km - 12.2 Km/h
Elevation: 2000 mt
Weather: ... COOOLD!!!!

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