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I'm working on a retrofit of a 1998 Isel DaVinci (educational model) benchtop CNC router. I went with the TinyG G2 (Due + gShield). I connected the motors to the board, running off a benchtop power supply at 28V. I loaded the latest G2Core firmware with Bossac. And...nothing. I think. I'm almost certain that at least one motor sort of twitched, but with the noise of kids running around I can't be absolutely certain. It definitely didn't do much.

I've never done any of this before. I have never successfully used ChiliPeppr. So I'm not sure if I've missed a step. And looking at the wiki pages and so forth I don't think I've seen a straightforward list of instructions in order. More like lots of info on lots of pages (which, of course, is typical when there are so many variables involved).

What is the appropriate troubleshooting/diagnosis process for this? I can't tell if I've done something wrong with the wiring, the programming, or if I'm just using ChiliPeppr wrong. I can say that where I see in John Lauer's youtube videos that there are two ports shown, I only show one. What does that mean? Sorry if that's not enough detail there, but this is already pretty long...

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