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Team VIP Real Estate
Who is “Team VIP” ?

Why didn’t we just call ourselves team Mickey and Craig?

It’s true that our team is lead by us but if you have ever purchased a home you know that it involves many people. Over the years we have collected many exceptional people to help you along the way. Our team includes lenders, home inspectors, contractors, handymen, transaction coordinators, our office staff and manager, title reps, escrow officers, and whoever else may be needed to get your goals accomplished.

Meet Mickey

Mickey has been in the business ( mortgage and real estate ) for about a million years give or take. I’m sure he would love me saying that about him by the way Mickey is married with one son who he loves to spend time with teaching him the ways of the world. He is the director of the Walnut Country Stingrays swim team which his son participates in. He enjoys cooking up some delicious gourmet food and loves to travel the world. When he’s not busy with real estate you can find him unwinding with a good book. Here is Mickeys Facebook page.. send him a friend request or just check him out and get to know more !

Meet Craig

Hi. My name is Craig and I pretty much run this beast of a website you are on right now. I’ve been in the business since early 2009 (great time to start… I know). I love what I do, the creativity I get to use, and the people I meet. I’m in charge of making sure that everyone sees our faces and properties everywhere on the internet. I moved out here from Colorado in 2007. I love both areas but I plan on staying here and visiting there often. So far that plan has worked out for me  In my spare time I love to travel and find new spots all around the bay area. I dig a nice glass of Napa Valley wine from time to time. I think earthquakes are fun… unless things start falling down. Take a look at my facebook and connect with me. I can always use another friend. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy the website!

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