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Place And Time Always On My Mind
Place And Time Always On My Mind

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Wow, so apparently youtube is full of drama right now. I honestly don't know if toby did or did not sexually assault his ex, but there really is not any proof yet so it can go either way. 

Update: 3/2/15.
Well, I haven't exactly been very active on here, so i apologize in advance to some of my friends on here.

So i was reading my past posts and stuff, and i realize something.. I was a fucking cry baby bitch. I grown a lot since then, but jesus christ. So to anyone I involved in my whiny bullshit, I am very sorry. 

But enough about the past, let's talk about the future. 
I'm no longer a kid, so I do not have time to really waste on here like i used to, that being said i might rarely appear online.  This is not final, i'm not sure how things will go, but with college, trying to find a job and pay bills, i have to put more important things first. 

so let's talk about what things are gonna change on my page, and the way i act.
1. No more drama/whiny posts. 
     (I know that i should not put my problems on anyone but myself, if i cannot handle it myself, then that is my problem. Getting help, and being a depressive mess is different. That being the case I wont waste anyone time or mine with stupid drama.)
2. Content will only be important stuff.
    ( Anything that i post on this site will be updates on my life, or something i feel like sharing. I wont post stupid posts, or anything of that nature. The content has to be either a discussion, event, etc. I might share something i find funny, or something i feel like getting your opinions on.)
   ( This one is a big one. Ok, so I realize that google plus is a place for people to escape reality with personas, and roleplaying is a big thing. To be quite honest though, I'm not a kid anymore, so im not gonna play pretend with words. just saying. I'll glady be your friend and all, but seriously no word roleplays. roleplaying has kinda caused problems before, so im done with it. that and it just isnt my thing anymore.)

4. Friends.

Okay and last but not least, this one is important. I noticed that on here, i have tons of people added that i do not know, thus i have decided to organize my circles. I will not remove you if i have talked to you a few times before, however if we have never talked before, I will most likely unadd you. So if you wish not to be removed leave me a comment below and i will keep you on consideration. 

Hey friends of Google plus. I haven't really been around that much and i probably won't be on Google plus for awhile. Life is a lil stressful so i need a break away. I'll miss all of you my friends. 

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Just something me and my friend did online..rule 1 watch dem ledges 

Anyone Online right now? Bored out my mind...

Anyone up/online?

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Pretty much..

signing off...
+Mitsuki Blake  im sorry.. 

I couldn't believe my eyes
when I couldn't see through all the lies
that you had put upon me
and how could this possibly be
that this love was so unreal.
My heart stayed pure through your deceive
But it stayed hard to perceive
These lies you laid upon my loving heart
which you laid down and let it break apart.
- Lies of a Deceiving Heart
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