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Anyone have "sleep suit" weaning success stories to share? My girl (6 mo) seemed to not need it anymore, and also started rolling a lot in the crib so I went cold turkey Friday night and took the suit out of the nighttime routine. She threw a fit upon going to sleep and woke up about 2 more times in the night (not including her eating time) to scream about it. The next day and night we tried the sleep sack to ease the transition- but both days had short naps and terrible nights. It's certainly possible that something else is causing the bad nights, but it seems to me the suit is the thing.... should I keep with the weaning or give her back the suit if it isn't hurting anything...?
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We haven't been able to get our 8 month old out of it yet either. She'll go to sleep fine but wake up about an hour later. I don't want to buy the next size up but I also really like my sleep.

Thanks for the suggestion +Jonelle Salmeier. We might have to try that. 
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So, does it not count as "going to sleep on her own" if my4.5 mo old can fall asleep unattended but only with a pacifier? She will usually coo and fake cry for about 20-30 mins but will eventually knock off. She's in a crib with the magic Merlin suit, as we are swaddle weaning.

She's a chronic cat napper (30mins on the dot) so I am trying to figure out if weaning from the paci might do her naps some good. She usually holds onto it for the duration of the nap, so I don't think it is a problem that she drops it and wakes up. Night sleep is not a problem for us, it's extended period of day sleep...
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I remember at about 5 months anything I handed my Munchkin, she would put in her mouth. One night during a night waking when she fussed to go back to sleep I waited 10 mins, went in there and before I could "plug" her back in, she took the paci from me and put it in her mouth herself! I think this was a fluke, because all the other times after that she would find it on her own, bite it, then put it in her mouth the right way, suck on it for a while, take it out, and repeat. Then when she wanted to sleep, she would leave it in there.
At 6 months, when I knew she could put it back in herself, she would still fuss at night and I learned the hard way that the more she fussed, she knew I would go in there (I was feeding the crying), so I stopped going in and she learned how to fall back asleep without me.
At 10 months she has a Wubbanub and a lovey in her crib. She doesn't use it, or a paci during the day. It is only for sleep, and sometimes she doesn't always use it.
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Hi Ladies- What's the best solution when the 2/3/4 nap schedule gets derailed? I introduced it yesterday to my short napping 5.5 mo old and it worked like a charm- (omg!)  but then we had a terrible night of sleep, and her first nap today was short again.

When the first nap falls short do you abandon the schedule and nap as needed and try again tomorrow- or keep them awake until the next nap time? Or something in between?
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Thanks all! She's starting to consolidate her naps (so exciting ) so just looking for a schedule that makes sense for us. Now that we have banished the pacifier too I'm looking forward to more sleep for everyone!
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