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Your Business at Social Networks

Making your business a subject of chatting among social network users might be rather expensive. We will try to denote some peculiar moments of using the most successful social networks for your website promotion. YouTube, Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are those progressive sites, which help you to attract new potential customers to your business.
Create a Facebook business page, where your special offers can be posted. Make at least one offer a month. And everybody, who Like your page, will be able to see your business offers. The more Facebook likes you have, the better for your business.
Create interactive opportunities for your potential customers by posting polls (or Questions). You can ask funny and unexpected questions about your services or products. So, you will increase your customers’ interest to your way of working. For example, if you sell shoes, ask customers what shoes they put on their first date.
Photos of your products from real users will decorate your business page on Facebook. So kindly ask your clients to share photos with their favorite products from you.
Don’t try to manage your business and personal pages at once. Invite your subscribers to your personal page, where they will be able to see your public updates. Your business information will be on your main representative personal page, and everyone (potential clients, subscribers, just Facebook users) will view it without visiting your business page.
Twitting of your interesting and unusual business facts is possible on Twitter. Place a link to your Twitter page on your website.
With the help of Twitter write some short messages about your peculiar service using.
Note your promotional pictures for your followers on Twitter.
Your personal YouTube business channel can be created on YouTube easily. But you will have to engage all your marketing efforts on your everyday online promotional video add to keep your customers interested in your products or services. If your videos are informative and funny, no doubt YouTube users will share them with each other and write comments.
And encourage your real clients to make their own videos about using your products or services and upload them on your YouTube channel. And offer other potential customers, YouTube users, give their voices for their favorites.
Videos, made by you, are very important for keeping a keen contact with viewers. Try to post short about 2 minutes videos every week. Give your clients recommendations on using your products, just show them in use.
And, of course, don’t forget about asking to post testimonials on your business YouTube channel.
After creating a LinkedIn profile place a LinkedIn link to your official website. Share all your current information about your products (descriptions, guidelines, reviews, etc.) and about yourself (newspapers, magazines, books, news channels you are interested in). So, all people from your network will learn you and your company more deeply.
Try to be the real part of the community, don’t hesitate to be among your customers, members of popular LinkedIn groups. Be active in these groups, ask questions and write comments about your company offers.
Encourage people from your network community to give their professional recommendations concerning your presence in LinkedIn, your business progresses.
And, of course, don’t forget to answer on questions, you are responsible to. There is a special Answers section created in LinkedIn. If your answers are professional and clear for every user, you rating will be increased and you will be granted by the Expert title in you peculiar section of business.
Special circles can be created in your Google+ profile. So, only your clients, vendors and other users interested in your company can be the members of these circles.
It is important to organize a regular feedback for the members of your business circles. It can be achieved by posting informative and amazing articles, blog comments, product reviews, promotional adds etc.
There is a special chat tool for organizing a chat among a great number of Google+ users. You can propose to discuss your new products or services, some test results, etc. Their values of customer service will be also important for you developing of you business promotion.
Google+ profile is a common feature for all businesses. So, use it just to go forward with your network community.
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