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Celebrating all things farming is the tourist attraction Mrs Dowsons.
An Epos system was needed to handle admissions, food and retail sales.
The Casio VR system with its many department screens easily handled all the different types of products.
With more and more customers visiting expansion for the future can be done easily by adding more terminals in the future via the network.

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A new ticketing system done with the Casio VR Epos system and an additional printer for tickets.
Swanley New Barn Railway wanted a complete system that would enable printing of tickets for admissions.
With every transaction you can now get a smaller stub for each admitting adult or child. This means there is no need to buy ticket books any longer.
The Epos system prints the tickets in seconds and automatically cuts the paper for each person.
The new system was welcomed by both staff as a quicker way to handle the rides.

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A small bar but lots of Nice ales.

The Tap ‘n’ Barrel - Tap House for Martland Mill Brewery needed a new epos system that could handle all the drinks they sell.
With real ales that change frequently, the epos system needed to be easy to change the prices and names.
The Casio VR system suited the job perfectly.
A self install was done and a quick training session over the phone made this job more cost effective for the customer.

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When the old cash registers weren`t working correctly, the Masonic hall had 2 New Casio VR systems fitted in 1/2day.
Staff training was done in 1/2 hour and everyone was happy to work on these new machines.
The Vr systems are connected to each other on a network so staff can log onto any terminal and drinks can be counted easily.
With terminals on a network, you only have to change the price once and it can be sent to the other terminal.
Financials and stock can be taken on one terminal for easy reconciliation.

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Prescot guild Hall needed 4 Epos terminals for their busy bars. All terminals needed to be connected so staff could move around freely and the manager could change prices on 1 machine and the other machines would be updated automatically with a press of one button.
The Casio VR system can handle this job easily and the customer installed this system themselves. Just connect the drawer unit, plug in the power cable and plug in the network cable and it was up in minutes.
A short training session was done on the phone and the manager was ready to train his staff.
Now hundreds of customers are being served quickly and stock is being counted. Its efficient and gives the Hall the confidence that customers are being served fast at the correct price.

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Voted "the best pizza in Wales", Top Joes Pizza restaurant, Tenby needed a fast Epos system that could handle orders quickly.
The Casio VR-200 with kitchen printer and table side ordering app makes service fast and easy.
Pizza styles, add on`s and special request are dealt with so the chef can easily get the order in the kitchen with the exact details for the customer.
The table side app is running on two of the customers own portable Lenovo tabs connected to the Casio VR 200 system via wifi.
It was up and running the same day with all the menu, drinks, special requests and staff training.
Customers now enjoy a quicker service and the restaurant can do more sittings during busier Friday and Saturday nights.

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The Maypole at Wellow now has three new Casio VR-200 Epos systems installed by the Cashregistergroup.
Orders can be taken in the restaurant or bar and the terminals can print the food orders in the restaurant and the drink orders in the bar. This stops the waiting staff loads of time as the orders can automatically be sent with messages, cooking styles and any customer request dealt with.
At the hotel side, customers can have accommodation, food and drinks added to their total room bill and pay at reception.
Andrew Pitchford, manager of the Hotel said " The OLD Epos system kept losing customer bills and it caused loads of unnecessary problems since day one. The New Casio Epos is a brand name I know."
Since the new Casio Epos system has been fitted, no customer bills have been lost, every transaction is automatically logged onto the SD memory and backed up onto the FLASH ROM. In event of a breakdown, the SD card can be read on another terminal. This failsafe means nothing no transaction is ever lost.

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Table Side ordering speeds up the service.

Casio VR 200 with linked kitchen printer, linked dessert room printer, linked bar service printer.

When an order is taken at the table, the system will directly print the products for the appropriate staff to cook, make the dessert or serve the drink.
The system speeds up the service and more tables can be served with less staff.

Gary Eastman, owner of the Cottage inn says "its really good".
The system has been in the restaurant for a month and is making the whole service quicker and more efficient.
It took 1 day to remove the old Epos system, fit the new system and train the staff how to use it.
With just a couple of tweaks to adjust the prices it has been an easy process for everyone!

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