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I'm seeing a lot of content from people who aren't in any of my circles in the Stream. Google+ help suggests that this shouldn't be the case. Anyone else seeing this?

ETA: Problem is solved. Ian figured it out—I've been making lots of test circles and putting people in and taking them out again. And over last weekend, people who'd been in a circle once stayed in your stream, even if you removed them from all circles. So that was it. Thanks for playing!
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Ooo, check out the blurb below "incoming." I have no posts there, but that is the place to find posts sent to you by people you aren't following. Perhaps that's the source? (Don't think they should be in your Stream, though.)
Hmm, well I see responses to your comment from Nate Vaughn and Jonathan Schofield and Tanya Rabourn, none of whom are in my circles (yet) ;) I see this on everyone's. Is it because yours is marked Public? So that would mean I think I'm replying privately to someone in one of my circles, when actually everyone in your circles sees what I'm writing. I wonder if, now that I'm commenting, everyone in my circles will see your entry. Feeling dizzy. Mommy, can we go home now?
Where an item is from someone in one of your circles, you'll see that post - and you'll see all the comments on it, even from people who you aren't following in any circle.

You can also see content in your stream from people who were in a circle, but aren't any more - and I have no idea how to stop that happening.
Thanks, all. Ian nailed it—I've been moving people in and out of circles doing testing, and it seems that once someone's been in a circle of yours, they're in your stream even if you take them out. At least, that was the case over the weekend.
Not so far. Of course, I've been on G+ for all of three seconds.
Oh - under "Stream" on the left-hand side, there is "Incoming". This is apparently content from people not in your circles - how it gets there is less clear.

You're just too glam, is essentially your problem.
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