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Ham Radio Linking via MotoTRBO IPSC and c-Bridge
Ham Radio Linking via MotoTRBO IPSC and c-Bridge


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Just a very general update for the DCI TRBO Networks...

Been working on the DCI codeplug for roaming and Rx/Scan efficiencies.  

Washington now has about 200 miles of Interstate 5 corridor coverage North and South of Seattle area.  WA's next repeater will cover the far North I-5 corridor and then the Portland OR and Vancouver WA stateline area TRBO hams are looking to stand up a box also.  Central Oregon is still in the works for a high level site also.

DCI's Michigan network now has 4 repeaters with great coverage  into Lansing, Jackson and Detroit as well as the Hwy 127 and and I-94 corridors.  They will soon stand up an EchoLink portal and a multi-digital gateway to include analog capability.

Comm 1 is picking up activity as it is open now as a USA-wide talkgroup as TRBO-6 winds down its organization.

The c-Bridge with RVN 7032 is outstanding and all the networks have need sounded better.

Interesting facts:  

February 8, 2011, there were 177 users listed in the MARC User Database.  I believe there were 21 repeaters in the repeater database at that time (can't find that file at the moment).

We now have 3,182 Users and 293 repeaters (as of 6-7-2013) in the MARC database.  This TRBO stuff all began in 2008 with Paul K6EH's single site Los Angeles area repeater and then with TRBO-6 beginning the first USA Ham IPSC network in June of 2009 with 3 R01.06.xx repeaters in California and Iowa.  All 4 repeater owners and their repeaters are still active and in service though hardware and sites have changed during the past 5 years.  More history on the DCI website
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There is no easy way for call signs to be mapped with the G+ name, so just comment under this post with your Call Sign, Name and any other info if you wish...
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DCI is a sub-group of the TRBO-6 Ham Radio IPSC Network. DCI focus's more on the use of the c-Bridge to enable full and part time linking via IPSC. If you are interested in that aspect of TRBO, then you have found a home.

We don't hide the ball here. Everything we do on TRBO is essentially published information (excluding the IP, UDP and authorization keys). We share what we know and hope that you will join in and share your knowledge as well.
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