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The One-Stop Solution for Global Game Publishing.

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Games that are fun for improving language skills!

Check it out:

If you have any other games that are good to learn from, let us know!

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Are you a fan of Pokemon Go? Check out our new blog post about localized Pokemon names!

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BIG NEWS: Guild Wars 2 Launches in China! Check out the live action music video in Chinese!

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Mobile games & the aftermath of localization - revenue jumps and an influx of AppStore reviews

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Check this out Dragon Quest fans!

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LAI at GMIC in Beijing. Localization is key!

Did you know LAI can also help you bring your games from China to the US via LAI Global Game publishing services?!
GMIC 2014
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Changed in Translation; Four Nintendo Games Radically Changed in Localisation

"The gear was generally more effective in the Japanese version (with most stats being at least 2 points higher), but everything was ridiculously expensive to compensate. For example, just an ordinary pair of jeans in the Japanese game cost over TWO THOUSAND coins, where the equivalent cost in the US and Europe was just 200."

Also, HP differences in bosses and more difficulty changes...

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Are you a fan of our game localization podcast LocaLAIse This!? We're lining up lots of new, fascinating speakers for you to listen to!

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Thank you all for your support in the Operation Rainfall initiative to convince Sega and Konami to bring specific games from Japan to the US (and in the best case scenario, to other markets as well).

We wanted to provide you with an update regarding the Operation Rainfall and LAI collaboration. We reached out to both SEGA and Konami, presenting the numbers from Operation Rainfall's fan poll and letting them know of our interest in providing localization discounts for games targeted in this poll. We did our very best, however neither company has expressed interest in moving forward with localization at this time, but we will be sure to report back if we have any updates!

In the meantime, be sure to stay involved on Operation Rainfall's website. They keep fans informed of the latest game localization news and are always looking for new ways to bring non-localized titles abroad. Operation Rainfall has been a fantastic partner and a source of inspiration, as their projects and initiatives are truly a labor of love. Your support means so much to them as they continue on in their quest to help bring you games that otherwise wouldn't reach international markets.

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