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Well, I was trying to use Twitter more anyway. There I can be found as @guitar_geek
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Browsing through the archives of the TFT mailing list, I read someone complaining that their PCs only used pole-weapons. But that seems perfectly reasonable to me. The reasons for not choosing a pole-weapon should be (1) you choose a missile weapon instead or (2) you're in a situation where carrying a pole weapon around would be inconvenient or frowned upon.
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Whenever I come across a tool that promises to make GMing easier, it always makes me think that whatever it is that makes GMing hard for me is different from what makes GMing hard for the author. If only I could identify what it is for me and find a tool that addresses that.
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What are the top ten things you would tell someone who is familiar with TSR-era D&D or 3e D&D to prepare them for a TFT campaign?

Now that the TFT Kickstarter is done, my RPG thoughts turn to the Skylands (B/X) campaign.

I think the “just in time” prep didn’t work so well for me. I ended up with things I wasn’t very happy with. I still find that things I improv on the spot tend to be good, but the stuff I feel pressured to prepare in a week or two...not so much.

I feel like the scale of the campaign got out of control. I definitely want to try to focus on a smaller setting for whatever I do next.

I think I need to swing the balance a bit back from “almost entirely player-driven” to handing out more specific missions/quests.

As much as I like the idea of a long-term, persistent campaign; it just may not be something I can ever achieve. I don’t know that I’ll ever be happy making such a commitment to a campaign.

So, assuming the group isn’t done with it yet and will want to get back to it eventually, I need to focus on fleshing out the key bits I had ideas for. I need to be ready to put up clear sign-posts to those things & the already prepped stuff. Give them some nudges towards the “end game” bits rather than just leaving it up to “given enough time they’ll find it eventually if they want to”.
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It seems like my whole career I’ve been told that we have to jump on this new trend or become irrelevant only to—two or three years later—be told that we need to refocus on “our core business” or “what we do well” or “our existing customers” or however they phrase “we were wrong”.

But I feel like the moment I stand up & say, “No!”, that’ll be the one time they’re right. 😀
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T&T: "D&D is cool, but combat isn't abstract enough."
TFT: "D&D is cool, but combat is too abstract."
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It is interesting that The Fantasy Trip Kickstarter has garnered 1.7 times as many backers & 1.4 times the money as Dungeon Fantasy did.

There could be lots of reasons. Maybe TFT being out-of-print for so long versus GURPS being in-print. Maybe differences in how they promoted them. Maybe an indication that there is more demand for a simpler system than even a simplified GURPS. It's probably a mix, of course, but I'd be curious what the biggest factor might be.
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