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I actually find G+ worse than Facebook. I’m mostly here for the RPG-talk that happens here.
I actually find G+ worse than Facebook. I’m mostly here for the RPG-talk that happens here.

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The excitement over the availability of print-on-demand of old TSR stuff strikes me as so strange.

I know that for most people—in some cases for good reason—an iPad hasn’t completely replaced physical books the way it has for me. (Except those few that I can’t get digitally and have been too lazy to get scanned.) And that itself is so normal to me now that it seems weird that it isn’t normal for everyone.

But even if that weren’t the case, I’d much rather get the PDF printed and spiral bound myself.

Or print the pages and bind them myself.

Not to mention that a lot of books would be good to break up rather than having them in one monolithic volume.

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(1) I’m always impressed at the decorated boxes Goodman Games uses for shipping compared to the plain boxes everything else I buy comes in.

(2) I’m always impressed by the ability of the shipping companies to destroy boxes.

(3) The 4th printing of The Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG has arrived!
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Has Christianity failed?
You might look at the teachings of Jesus as presented in the Christian bible. Then you might look at what people calling themselves Christians are doing and saying. Noting that those two things don’t quite line up, you might ask yourself the question: Has C...

Serendipity: Just before my blog post on minimal D&D-like RPGs went live, my daughter says that people in her RPG club at school are asking to play D&D. But she doesn’t think they’re ready for D&D, so she’s thinking about how to simplify it for them.

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US presidential election 2016
The past several years I have made an effort to stay out of politics. I don’t agree with the stance that we have a responsibility to participate in politics. One of the benefits of freedom is that we have the freedom to ignore politics, which can greatly im...

So, I’m watching this CppCon talk, and it talks about this two-axis “cultural cognition worldviews” that a study on cognition came up with. (Not something I was expecting to see in a talk about C++.) seemed like it could be an interesting alignment sort-of-thing for an RPG.

Individualist versus Communitarian
Egalitarian versus Hierarchist

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Today’s rig

It starts innocently enough with listening to the Grognard Files podcast. It ends with sending Flying Buffalo $40 for everything Mercenaries, Spies, and Private Eyes related that they sell.

(Is it wrong to use the Oxford comma in the name of a product if the product itself doesn’t? That’s a trick question; I don’t care.)

(I couldn’t decide whether this fit in the RPG Politics collection or not. 😀)

Having read but not yet played Dungeon World...some musings about it.

It strikes me as trying to codify the part of traditional role-playing games that is not codified in traditional role-playing games. The part that most of us traditional RPG players enjoy the most. (With our “the rules tell you what not to do” attitude.)

So, why don’t I automatically love it?

Is it just that I’m so used to this part of the game not being codified? Perhaps.

I think a bigger part of it is that, while codifying it, they codified a version the authors like which runs counter in some ways to how I like to run games. Maybe I could tweak it to better fit my style. And maybe that process—successful or not—would teach me some things. (Though I’ve got other things I want to spend my RPG system tinkering on for now.)

Maybe it is because Tom Moldvay so firmly planted the “RPG games are guidelines not rules” idea in my young brain that I rail against DW’s insistence on playing by-the-rules even though—if I were going to play an RPG by-the-rules, I’d want them to look more like DW than traditional rules.

Who is the opposite for Ganesh, the remover of obstacles?

The Dungeon Master.
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