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Helping this dumb legislator be famous.
This guy is hilariously dumb.
During his interview with This is That, US legislator John Grumpart did not shy away from sharing his thoughts about why he believes Canadians should not be driving in the United States.
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ICANN't understand where Cruz gets his ideas.
// Cruz justifies his position by extolling the virtues of the “open internet,” which Weinstein finds laughable given the Texas lawmaker’s fierce opposition to net neutrality, the principle that the internet should remain free, open, and accessible. “It's ironic that Ted Cruz is waxing eloquent on the Senate floor about internet freedom, when he is vehemently opposed to net neutrality, and has taken the dominant ISPs' view that they should be allowed to control what Americans see,” Weinstein told Motherboard. “Americans don't have to be concerned about foreign countries censoring the internet, we have to worry about people like Ted Cruz censoring the internet." //

The Texas senator’s fear-mongering claims are baseless, according to policy experts.
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Take a look at this map of the 2012 election. It takes into account land mass and also population density.

Very cool.
Last week, I posted a question about whether there's a meaningful region of America that stretches as a sort of "ring around Appalachia:" containing eastern Oklahoma, up through parts of Arkansas, then through Missouri, Illinois (bordering on but not including Chicago), and curving around into Indiana and Ohio. Eastern Texas, western Pennsylvania, and northern Kentucky are other areas which came up as maybe belonging.

[ for that conversation]

A great conversation followed, with the tentative conclusion being that this may be an area which is becoming a meaningful region of the country: you don't see it as very distinct on many measures of the instantaneous state of the world (like distribution of accents, rates of heart disease, or economics), but you do see it on measures of the rate of change of such variables (like the declining life expectancy for white men and women, or nascent political affiliation).

One of the really interesting questions which came up a few times is whether this is tied to the ancestral history of the places. In particular, this area is roughly the area with a large Appalachian population, minus the heart of Appalachia proper: that is, it's the area to which a lot of people from that area moved over time. This is related to a hypothesis proposed by Colin Woodard in his book American Nations, which argued that various seed populations of Americans, which came in with very different cultures and expectations, left behind meaningful social and political differences which last to this day.

I'm personally a bit leery of Woodard's hypotheses, especially when it comes to anything west of the Mississippi. (He seems to group together a lot of culturally very different groups there, and miss a lot of similarities) But there are some good arguments that he has captured an important idea about the eastern part of the country.

On that thread, +Matt MacMahon shared a link to a fascinating article which uses a lot of data to argue for Woodard's hypothesis. It's full of maps of different things, and is arguing that these cultural lines, more than things like population density, account for modern political divisions in the country. You can read it here:

One of the best maps from that article is one that I'm blowing up below. It was drawn by Chris Howard, and it shows the 2012 Presidential election results. Many maps of this sort suffer from a serious visual presentation problem: they make the country look overwhelmingly red, even though the majority was blue. This is because of two simple problems. First, red is perceived by the human eye as "brighter" than other colors: people shown identical areas of bright red and bright blue (or green, or anything else) will see the red area as bigger. Second, the traditional maps ignore population density: what they really show is that the majority of the land area was red, while what we really are asking is about the distribution of the people.

Howard solves this problem very elegantly by using the hue of each county (from red to blue) to show how it voted, and its saturation (from pale to bright) to show its population. The resulting map is not only easy to read, it shows up the real distribution of both people and votes much more clearly than any other map I've seen before.

Here you can see an outline of the rough area discussed in that original post. It is purplish but leans distinctly towards red, unlike the purple/blue areas further north in Iowa and Minnesota. It is adjacent to the bright blue dot in Iowa / Chicago / Wisconsin (discussed in that blog post), passes near the bright red of Appalachia, is bounded on the East by the dense blue/red patchwork which describes the South, and on the West by the sudden and sharp drop in population density as you enter the Agricultural Midwest.

The thing I like about this map is that the visually distinct areas in it seem to match well with my intuitions about the politically and socially distinct regions of the country. That's something very few maps manage to capture well, so major kudos to Howard for finding the right distribution.
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Bipartisan burn going on, here.


The Wall Street Journal.: Wells Fargo CEO Faces Senate Grilling --Live Analysis.
Wells Fargo's John Stumpf says he takes 'full responsibility' for the bank's sales tactics
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Clayton Haapala

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On the beautiful Gateway and Brown's Creek trails, today! It is literally all downhill from here, if your destination is Stillwater.

Following up with a beer at Lift Bridge. 
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The guided boat tour was excellent (boat company not associated with the hotel). Wish we could have spent more time on a less rainy day at the hotel.
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Excellent hashbrowns!
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Beware, this is on the JEB military base. The lighthouse, First Landing Memorial, and tribute to French Adm. DeGrasse are worth visiting. The beach, there, is not available to visitors.
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17 reviews
Surprised by the diverse menu, pleased by the service, and thirst quenched by superior ales.
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Got a great thing going, here with the beers and sausages. A loud venue - prefer it when the big doors are open for outside seating.
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