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"Unless you have a specific and compelling reason not to upgrade, . . ."

What, like Microsoft's HISTORY of OS problems and their inability to live by the motto, "If it is not broke don't fix it"  ??

And while this is a nice love letter to Microsoft, what programs that we now use on Win 7 will we NOT be able to run on this "new & Improved" version ?  THAT would have been useful information.  Not a reminder that our Win 7 gadgets were yanked last year because they presented a hacking threat. 

I hate to sound old, but I have been around Microsoft enough to realize that "New" is never synonymous with "good." 

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Barbie and Hot-wheels was a bit of an easy road to pad your article.    And Howdy Doody to Pet Rocks (1975) is quite a generational coverage.

A little research, even asking a baby boomer, would have helped you be more true to your title.   Matchbox cars for example which predated Hot Wheels and featured well crafted cars, trucks, and even hovercrafts in amazing details with working doors.  And what about the Mattel Thing Maker.  You could make your own toys including bugs, soldiers and even eatable gummy worms.     

Then there is all the food you had only then.  Fizzies Drink Tablets so you could make your own soda, no sugar added.  For Dessert you could make "Shake - A - Pudding."    

THOSE were the days.  

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Good list but you are equating behind the scenes problems with what we saw in the theater.  Golden Compass was good, but was obviously written with a  squeal in mind.  Always a mistake the first time out.    That had nothing to do with religious complaints.  

And while I, Robot basically only used the name from Asimov's stories (and 3 laws and Calvin) it was well crafted in the original spirit.  Don't condemn the movie you wanted to see, review the one that was actually made. 

Sky Captain was hands down the worst movie of this century.    It should also be on your list of Trailers that were better than the film.  Great effects but no story worth watching and no chemistry between the actors.    With all the delays you think they could have gotten the basics of storytelling right.  Pity. 

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"the genre is generally not considered family-friendly."

Good grief, what kind of Sci Fi do you watch ?
I grew up with my family watching Earth Vs the Spider, Earth Vs. Flying Saucers, Invaders from Mars and The Tingler.   Psychologically scared ??   Hardly.  That is why you hide behind a pillow on your father's lap.

As for your (gee did they make movies before 1980?) list, all good choices except Flight of the Navigator.  That film had all the excitement of watching paint dry.     Substitute "The Cat From Outer Space."  

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Good Grief, you could only come up with six ????
Looks like somebody wanted to start the weekend early.

And Footloose was not that bad of a remake. 
If you HAD to have six then you should have dropped Footlose and added Psycho.  

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They are going to take a good idea and morph it into "Bridesmaids 3."
It is a crying shame, but to show how "modern" they are, the studio is going to have Melissa zap a ghost, then have to find a bathroom sink to relieve herself in.  THAT is what they think is going to make this a "cleaver franchise." 

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Nick, I know you like to pull the party line, but you seemed to miss the point again.     The problem is not that Hollywood is afraid of making a strong female superhero franchise, it is that one does not exist period.

Yes you can rattle off Cat woman and Wonder Woman and Super girl until the cows come home, but combined these "popular" women do not have the numbers(in terms of popularity and cash) of  Batman or Superman or Spiderman.    

Hollywood has never been able to make a well rounded effective strong female lead who can be both Clark Kent AND Superman.  With them SEX sells.  Just look at the picture you have used to sell your article.  And while we love playing Wonder Woman every once in a while in our childhood years, we did not obsess over it though puberty like boys do.    Boys and Girls are different.  The sooner Hollywood discovers this the happier we will all be. 

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You mean 6 RECENT TV deaths nobody saw coming.
Way to play to the twitter generation.
Let's ignore anything more than five years old.

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The biggest problem this season is what you called "TV’s increasingly diverse programming trend ."  That goes along with "some of my best friends are  . . . [fill in current trending identity].     Of course none of your "best friends" are anything like "them" but yo have to say that to maintain your "Humanitarian of the Year" award.  And oh, I give money to that guy who does those commercials with kids.  So I'm good.  

We have seen this before of course.  Int he late 1960s and 70s television tried to move to a liberal agenda by flooding the small screen with a host of black (don't bristle, that is what they were called back then) characters in established shows and black centered sitcoms all to show us that "they were just like real people."   Half of these "characters" even made Stepin Fetchit turn in his grave.

Well, a new century and a new "minority"  that we have to rush to the screen.  Rather than learning the lessons of history, Television has decided to show why it has been called a cultural wasteland.
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