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Kate Bueckert
Editor, photographer, random chick on the interwebs
Editor, photographer, random chick on the interwebs

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Rejected because of mom
Not my kid. Photo from WiseGEEK. Something happened recently that I can't get out of my head. We attended an event recently with friends and their children. We arrived and my daughter saw someone she knew. A few years old, this other child was already playi...

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Food Friday: Granola
I make my own granola at home and it is delicious, if I do say so myself. I use Ina Garden's recipe as my base - I always have oats, raw pumpkin (pepitas) seeds, sliced almonds and chia seeds. Sometimes I add some raw cacao to give it a hint of chocolate. F...

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My Bubble Guppies theory
My daughter likes the Bubble Guppies. While it is a cute show, it annoys me to no end that they are afraid of heights or falling off a cliff when THEY CAN JUST SWIM OUT OF IT! Sorry. Recently I read  this article about Dora  and it inspired me to share my t...

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Mommy groups
I hate mommy groups. I don't hate what you do at mommy groups - I like meeting and talking to others, letting my children meet and play with other children, discovering new games and songs. I hate the term "mommy groups." I would rather it be "parent groups...

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Food Friday - Oatmeal cranberry cookies
Cranberry on top, apricot on the bottom. I love a good cookie. This is one of my go-to recipes, but I switch it up - instead of raisins, I add dried cranberries and chocolate chips. This is the  Martha Stewart recipe. My husband had the idea of adding apric...

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Sleep training - a necessary evil
Last week, I started sleep training my son. His evening routine was stretching out and out to the point that it was two hours just to get him down, then he was awake again within 45 minutes and I'd be back in his room, rocking and feeding and begging him to...

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Food Friday - savoury waffles
When I made BLTs on cheddar waffles , my husband joked he felt like he was eating something off a Buzzfeed list. It did look pretty crazy (I added a fried egg to mine because I'm a sucker for a good fried egg), and while it was a fun dinner, I wouldn't make...

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Falling into a mommy blogger trap
I Googled "perfect mom" and this was the first image. I am coming dangerously close to being one of those people. The bloggers who offer you advice. They tell you, "This is such a great way to do things! You should, too!" The bloggers who seem perfect becau...

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Repurposing toddler 'art'
So lovely. I think it's a green field at sunset. Or ponies. Who knows. My daughter loves to paint. In about 10 minutes, she'll whip up between three and five masterpieces, then declare she wants to watch Dora. But for 10 blissful minutes, she was doing some...

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Food Friday - Barbacoa
Om nom nom ... sorry for the mid-bite photo. This is insanely good - so much flavour. This recipe from the Slow Roasted Italian apparently tastes like Chipotle's barbacoa, but I wouldn't know, I've never had Chipotle. My husband has, though, and he said whi...
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