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Mirror Online Associate Editor / Writer - views my own
Mirror Online Associate Editor / Writer - views my own

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I kind of miss writing about Kate already. This was my vote for Kate's best look piece.
My favourite was the white with blue poppies. Or the yellow Roksanda Ilincic. I like bright and bold.

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The Royal Tour feels really wrong when you're doing an analysis of each of Kate's outfits on it.
It didn't feel as glamorous as the Far East tour - maybe a side effect of becoming a mum.
But I have my royal tour hat-trick having done Canada and the Jubilee tour previously (though all from the office in London).
Well done all the Kate bloggers who've been doing it throughout and have been a great read.


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My round-up of the key #budget2014 points from George Osborne's speech for +Mirror  today

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I've been continuing to write about the +Eurovision Song Contest for +Mirror online. Nobody's set up a  Facebook group having a go at me this week (as far as I'm aware) and the songs have been somewhat better to be fair. 

I wasn't that fussed on Denmark's hotly tipped entry though.

Finland's was my favourite of today's batch

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I've been looking after the +Mirror's online build-up to the +Eurovision Song Contest which has included doing song reviews. I've upset Romania, and since San Marino and Moldova got even lower scores I probably won't be welcome on holiday there either...
This is our Eurovision page:

Ireland's entry is my most recent review (and a decent song)

My favourite so far though is Spain's:

I will be live-blogging on the night... I may need to employ bodyguards afterwards.

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I challenge you to read this without a tear coming to your eye.
Brian Reade is a brilliant writer - it's a privilege to have him as a colleague.
RIP Anne Williams - an inspiration

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Today I took a break from writing about Margaret Thatcher's funeral for the +Mirror to write about the best ever resignations.
Something of a change of pace and a lot of fun.

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I had the pleasure of talking to Reading's Alex McCarthy for the +Mirror on Saturday after his impressive show against +Liverpool FC.

I'm now back to writing about Margaret Thatcher's funeral...

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This week I have mainly been writing about Margaret Thatcher and putting up other people's Thatcher stories for +Mirror Online.
Helping put together the frontpages - and working out what was said abroad - was particularly interesting. I may work online, but sometimes you can't beat a paper (see here:
This is the latest piece...

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This is exactly what I was looking for...
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