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The Snow
The snow  It casts an ethereal, shimmery blue across everything  The sun sets, it still illuminates light  Glimmering in the sun, it blinds drivers and passer-bys  So peaceful, so messy, so pretty  I'm not meant to write poetry, but glancing out my window a...

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welcome to 2017
Supposedly, to become a better writer it is highly encouraged to write every single day. I fight daily with myself to achieve this goal. It's not that I don't want to write, but some days I feel uninspired or bored, realizing more and more that those dreade...

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Recently, I had the immense privilege to spend two weeks in Athens, Greece. This, this blog post that seems to go on and on is my attempt to swim through my thoughts and share my experiences with you. Photo courtesy of Zach Miles Let me tell you a little ab...

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it's been far too long
 Walking with my roommate to a meeting in the rain and lightning because if I have one fear in life it's lightning. Praise the Lord for amazing friends! Sunset picnics in the park at sunset. Aerial views of ORU are oh-so-stunning. Floor initiation with the ...

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the no-good globbery goo
Do you ever just have a slew of no-good dirty rotten globbery goo days? And they get you down. They storm into the room, demand their presence be known, and peek around the corner at your amazing work and make you feel like P-O-O. And after those no-good di...

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for the love of food
I have this really weird love for whipping stuff up in the kitchen. It's not necessarily a love for cooking or a love for baking but an overall love for being creative/following a recipe because I'm not actually that creative. (like, I have no idea that ore...

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a thing or two about love
 So, let's talk about love. Lol, but NOT the kind of ewy gooey mushly love where you kiss and hold hands and eventually have babies. Nope, let's talk about the love that can grow in the most incredible of places; the love that can be developed through endle...

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falling in love with kc
Ethan was the perfect, handsome model for this beautiful reclaimed wood wall. SWOONING ALL OVER THE PLACE. Taken at Second Best Coffee while we were waiting for our lavender honey lattes (SWOON AGAIN, they were amazing, Also, that sounds super girly). Plus ...

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and boom; it's over
^^My meal from Big Truck Tacos , because I'm hungry, and this was amazing. Just roll with me here.  I personally happen to be a HUGE fan of the semicolon. It's all my favorite things about grammar rolled into one symbol. It's not just a comma, it's a colon....

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on being disappointed and figuring it out
[click on photo for source] There comes a time every so often that I realize, in a painful burst of clarity, that I am walking slowly and at the same time all too quickly, into adulthood. Today I received an email that confirmed I wasn't accepted in the int...
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