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Evan Griffith
Notes on creativity and connection
Notes on creativity and connection

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Burn, Baby, Burn:
Spark The Creative Spirit Within
On Amazon:
(Click link above to get a copy)

Hey creative spirits of G+

Check out my little book Burn, Baby, Burn, available as an ebook now.

It's about shifting your creativity into a simple spiritual practice -- and unleashing a creative power you didn't know you had.

If it speaks to you, please buy, share and review!

Thank you, you gobsmackingly amazing G+ers --


PS: Cover design is by +Jovana Marinkovic​​​​​.

I'm especially tickled with the heart she forms in the negative space beneath the flame . . . :)

I highly recommend her to anyone looking for design work.

Click here to buy and read:


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Someone's been peeking in my thought bubble

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Hives for humans. But with trees
Trees will grow on the balconies of Istanbul’s honeycomb-like apartments

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Thanks for this one +Lynn Keller​

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How much should you charge for your creative work?
The old timer has the answer

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The Modern Caravan
A Vintage Airstream Transformed
Why go tiny house when you can go mobile tiny house?!

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Thanks to +Lynn Keller for the #laughoftheday
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