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Detroit, Women, IT, more opportunity coming to Detroit

Anyone who keeps up with what is going on in the IT world knows that there just aren't a lot of women in it. There's lots of reason from cost of education to IT historically being a men's club. Many people are working to change this.

As part of a larger program Tom Walsh, and several others, are combining talent and resources to create opportunities for women, women in Detroit. When the plan comes to completion they expect to have an additional 5,000 women in the IT force by 2020. Six years may sound like a long time but it isn't really. If you count the time for all the prerequisite courses a bachelors degree can take as long as six years to complete.

In today's brain economy it's difficult to get even an entry level position in IT, and many other places, and with the cost of education going up it's not just keeping women out of a higher education but men too. This isn't going to fix everything but it is a great start and it is especially a great start for women in Detroit who want to get into the IT industry.

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Detroit: Are your alley’s greener?

This winter this year has been painfully cold, and I’m sure we've all seen the internet meme that says, “The air hurts my face, why do I live where the air hurts my face?”.  Without going too far into detail about Global warming I’ll say this, it’s been so cold because the warming of the planet has caused the jet stream that normally holds the polar vortex up to shift it’s position and hence air that hurts your face...I’m sure the facial moisturizing companies are making a fortune this winter…. 

Since global warming is being thrown at us every which way, I am often thinking of it and what can we do in our daily lives both short term and long, to make some sort of difference.  I think I’ve mentioned quite a few things we can do in the immediate everyday aspect of our lives, such as unplugging unused electronics (which save you money!!!), and letting your clothes air dry (when applicable). But I’ve stumbled on to a pretty cool long-term concept for Detroit, green alleys.

I’d never heard of these before so I was really excited when I came across this,  This project aims to transform alleyways in Detroit into beautiful, sustainable, and thriving areas where citizens can even grow some of their own food.  The before and after pictures of the alley they worked on are amazing. It got me thinking as to what Detroit as a whole would look like if every alley looked like that. How much greener, aesthetically pleasing, healthier, and cleaner the city would look as well as making it look livelier and thriving. 

The group that did the green alleyway is “Green Garage Detroit”, and I encourage everyone to check them out.  I think it would be pretty awesome to watch Detroit’s alleyways transform, because what message would that send to the rest of the country?  That Detroit is so committed to changing that no nook and cranny will be left untouched and unloved.

+Caitlin Bartley  is a beginning web designer in the Detroit and South East Michigan area, who enjoys the general silliness of life and seeks to spread said joy to those around her.

#detroitisgettingbetter #detroit #detroitgoinggreen #greendetroit #greengaragedetroit #cleaningupdetroit #detroitsustainability

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Detroit Arts and Charity: The Wurst Challenge for FLY Children's Art Center

Unless you're a vegetarian meat and beer sound pretty damn good. Even if your a vegetarian eating 20 feet of meat for the arts in South East Michigan sounds pretty good too.

Vegivores and Meetavores both can get behind this event. The goal is to raise money for the arts in South East Michigan. You can sign up or you can donate, or both. Either way it's time and money well spent to help replace the art programs that are being removed from our schools because of lack of funding.

Remember, it is creativity that helps advance and improve not just Detroit but the world. If all we do is teach our children to do is obey orders then they'll never be creative enough to lead.

The info:

FLY Children's Art Center:!why-fly/c1v7s

h/t to one of our readers +Stephanie Reeves for finding this for us.

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Detroit Healthy Eating: Being on the go doesn't mean you have to eat bad food.

I, Doc Harvard, have been in a weight battle for years - getting as high as 330lbs and a 60 inch wait line [ya, I was huge]. If I'm honest with myself most of that weight is my fault - which got me looking for solutions.

I first started packing on the pounds when I got out of the military 20 something years ago. I kept eating the same amount, and types of food, I ate when I was in the military and was burning that level of calories, fat, and nutrition. Then when some life issues hit I did a lot of stress eating. Eventually it all caught up to me and I got an eye opener a few years ago that made me aware that I needed to get ride of the extra pounds.

The attached article has some good tips that could work for you; but, if you're like me you're not going to give up anything for very long. Since I know this about myself I decided that I would change how much of what I ate and add in walking.

Why walking? Because with mobility issues regular workouts are very difficult for me. My walking program involves taking the longest distance of where I am to where I want to go. Instead of taking elevators down I take the steps. Instead of parking close to a store's door I park as far away as I can and walk to it. Additionally, instead of taking smoke breaks I take walk breaks and do a lap around my day job's building. I also try to squeeze in at least a mile walk during lunch time.

Remember, walking helps with burning immediate calories but the goal of walking is to get your metabolism up and running so you burn calories and fat at a more consistent rate.

Probably the most important thing I've done to get rid of the weight is to change how I eat. For example, I graze instead of eating regular meals. I know a lot of dietitians say you shouldn't graze but for me it works.

I'll start with something like 2 servings of frosted mini-wheats, 2 servings of 1/2% milk. Then when I get to work I gnaw on a granola bar with my coffee, no sugar or cream. If I get the munchies I hit up another granola bar. For lunch I'll either have what I brought or go to one of the local shops. It's usually some sort of chicken or turkey with some soup. Be careful with the soup because it could be loaded stuff you don't need. Not saying don't eat it but do make sure you off set it. Then I'll hit up another snack in the afternoon, usually granola again since I keep boxes of it at my desk, but it could be a pastry or some such. Then for dinner, if it's heavy I have it early, I'll have basically whatever I want as long as it's not right before I plan to sleep. If it is a late dinner then it's something light.

Now don't get me wrong, I still mix pizza, steaks, salads, donuts, and all that other jazz in there but not on a regular basis. Basically I deny myself nothing but do control the portion sizes.

All of this together tells my body it doesn't need to go into starvation mode because it knows it's going to get the nutrition it needs so it burns not only its readily available fuel but the fuel I've packed on known as fat. For me, I've found getting the metabolize up and running and keeping it up has proven to shed the pounds and inches.

I should state that I am not a medical professional in the realm of dietary needs, I just kept experimenting until I found what works for me. In the last two years I've lost a solid 45 pounds [the average of my current plateau] and 9 inches on my waist line. I've decided to go for the slow weight loss so that my body has time to adjust itself to the weight loss.

So long story short, you can be on the go but that doesn't mean you have to feed yourself with bad food. On the other side of that coin, just because you're trying to get rid of the extra pounds that doesn't mean you have to remove the bad foods that taste so good, just cut down on their portion sizes and eat more frequently.


+Doc Harvard is the founder of +42wd Publishing LLC, a social strategist, works with the Quicken Loans family of companies and is the creator of the 99 cent series. He teaches social strategy courses in programs like IT in the D. Disruptive technology and business methodologies are his bread and butter - “If everyone else is doing it then it’s not right for me.”

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Detroit: Detroit Public Schools is looking to add more teachers.

I’m just gonna put it out there, I like teachers. Teachers are essential to shaping the young minds of our country. A good teacher can make a class just as a bad teacher can break one. So I hope that those new 100 teachers that the Detroit Public School system is hiring are ready to inspire the students of Detroit to learn, and I hope that the parents out there are ready to assist in the challenge, because let’s face it, getting children excited for school is challenging. 
I remember that my econ teacher in college made me love economics so much that I seriously considered changing my major. I had a similar experience with my biology professor, and I would have changed my major had it not been the last course I needed to complete my degree. So for all those incoming teachers, you have so much potential and an ability to step in and shape children's lives and our society in a way that the rest of us just don’t.  So know that you’re valued and that we’re excited to see you come into the Detroit Public School system.

+Caitlin Bartley  is a beginning web designer in the Detroit and South East Michigan area, who enjoys the general silliness of life and seeks to spread said joy to those around her.

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Detroit is heading up, literally.

Plus, we all know that 42 is important. 

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Detroit Social Strategy Tips from Doc Harvard: Burst Posting is Bad

Doc Harvard shares some tips about a quick way to get people to stop following you on social networks.

#detroitisgettingbetter   #digb   #detroit   #socialstrategy  
Protip: When doing posts on any social network you should never do burst posting.

Burst posting is the quickest way to lose even the most fanatical fan of your posts. If you're in a time crunch and need to get your posts out to your readers try using scheduling software and or web apps. There are some good low cost and free options out there.

Both +Friends+Me and +HootSuite offer free versions and paid versions.

Since I use +Google+ as my main social platform I prefer Friends Plus Me [plus their customer services is the best I've come across in their market] but if you use another platform as your main publishing platform Hootsuite has some good options as well.

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Detroit: Come forth animal lovers!

Attention animal lovers, I call you forth to assist with the stray dogs and cats roaming the unbearably cold streets of Detroit. So good news, if you love animals and want to rescue them out of the freezing cold, another 10 animal control officers are expected to be hired this month to assist the Detroit PD.  In addition to the 10 animal control officers, they also plan in the next several months to add four animal control detectives. 

So if you love animals and are looking to make a positive difference in the city of Detroit, check out possible job listings for the Detroit PD for animal control.

+Caitlin Bartley  is a beginning web designer in the Detroit and South East Michigan area, who enjoys the general silliness of life and seeks to spread said joy to those around her.

#detroit #detroitisgettingbetter #detroitpets #detroitanimalcontrol #animalcontrol #straypets #howyoucanhelp

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Designing Detroit: Interview with dPOP! - where’d they come from?

Detroit has a new design company that snuck onto the scene like a ninja and our own Doc Harvard had the opportunity to sit down with them and talk shop and how they hope to impact Detroit, and the rest of the nation - maybe the world.

Doc Harvard:
Let’s start off with a quick history of how dPOP! came into being. How did you guys come to be?

Shortly after QL decided to move to Detroit, I was the Director of FOCUS—our purchasing and facilities teams—and had the opportunity to lead the design concepts for the Compuware floors we were to occupy. Apparently Dan and the fellas were pleased with the results and they asked my team to continue leading design concepts. 
We then had the opportunity to work on the Chase Building—a much larger project—where we decided to have a little more fun. The concept for Chase (or “The Qube” as we now call it) was “the energy of gaming” and it was a big hit. As Dan kept acquiring new properties, he naturally turned to FOCUS from then on. In early 2013, we started talking with Doodle, an interior design firm that is part of our family of companies, about combining our powers. We decided that a few of the FOCUS teams should move over, along with Doodle’s commercial team, to be dPOP!, our very own company. Now, we handle design, space planning, facilities, and moves all under dPOP!.

Doc Harvard:
Do you guys consider yourself to be a start up?

In many ways we are a startup: We are experiencing the sort of growth that startups enjoy when they catch steam. But at the same time, we do have the infrastructural support of being in the QL family and know we have a reliable customer with QL as Dan continues to increase our presence downtown in so many amazing spaces. 

Doc Harvard:
What challenges are you guys facing being a new company?

Just like many startups, we are working on getting our name out to the world. We also have the same issues with growth—our business in growing and everyone is wearing multiple hats. At some point we’ll need to grow, but it is hard to pull that trigger when you don’t have years of financial documents showing you can support it. I think that is really where we are most similar with independent startups as well. 

Doc Harvard:
How is being in Detroit and part of its brain economy helping to overcome some of those challenges?

Our team is great. We have a lot of talent from all different backgrounds and we aren’t afraid to try something new. It is such a “creative class” experience to have a literary content team who are also our tour guides, or part of business development. Everyone feels a lot of freedom to pursue ideas and we are coming up with some great stuff in the pipeline because of it.

I think that being in Detroit only amplifies this feeling of freedom and opportunity. People are choosing to come here and work because they want to be a part of a great turn around—it is exactly the sort of person you want to help a small company grow; to wear whatever hat you need that day. 

Detroit is growing, and there is so much room to grow with it. Rather than be stuck trying to carve our piece in a saturated market somewhere else, we’re able to have an impact and really be innovative. Plus we are able to draw from such a large regional talent pool. We have amazing universities and trade schools in Michigan, plus we have some nearby communities really known for design and fashion, and Detroit is becoming a hot place for this sort of creative talent to relocate. 

Doc Harvard:
Do you think that the opportunities in Detroit provide a fertile ground for startups and why?

Absolutely. The business community here is so supportive because we realize that, just like I mentioned before, we aren’t all fighting for the same piece of pie. We’re growing together; We’re supporting one another; We’re part of the new economy.
And it isn’t just Dan and QL. He’s been incredibly supportive of startups through ventures such as Bizdom U, DVP, and Detroit Labs, but it is so much more. We have BCBSM, DTE, the automotive companies all making investments in this city right now—and they are making their investments in technology and creative fields. dPOP! has been able to partner with great local firms like Rossetti, Neuman Smith, and Sachse in our spaces. The business sector here seems to really understand that not one of them can do it alone—that small businesses and startups are needed too. 

All of the new energy in the city provides a great opportunity for us to help existing companies bring some new energy to their spaces (or new companies define their spaces for the first time). The companies we design for are ones that are willing to take a chance and relocate—so they the same sort of company that understands that the workplace is changing, that workers are changing, and that design matters. 

Doc Harvard:
Being a new company in Detroit what advice do you have for Detroit startups and in what ways do you guys think you can help Detroit?

Don’t be afraid to take the first step. If you need to reach out to find funding, or technical assistance, or whatever you need, the community here will support you. There are opportunities and people want you to succeed. This is not the traditional eat or be eaten world. 
Being new ourselves, we are limited in what we can offer other startups. But still, we open our space to co-working, partner with local artists and businesses when we can, and try to develop talent from local sources. 

As far as the city itself, we are bringing high-quality design to a formerly neglected downtown core. We do believe that design impacts people’s lives and that helps reiterate that this city is reemerging. Our designs are people-oriented—they are intended to inspire and make a positive, albeit subtle, impact on a daily basis for the people who live and work in this city. 

Doc Harvard:
Personally I’m glad you guys are here in Detroit. After visiting your creative space I think it’ll help open up some doors for designers in multiple fields and help raise some awareness about how valuable quality design is. That being said I can’t let you guys go without inviting you to join the Detroit Positive News Network [DPNN] - say in the Designing Detroit section we’re getting ready to launch?

We’d love to be involved! We can wait. 


So there you have it folks, dPOP! will be joining DPNN in showing how Detroit is getting better. Look for the new Design Detroit section coming soon.


About dPOP!
Live. Work. Play. All within the same environment. dPOP! is passionate about designing and fulfilling experiences that inspire both creativity and productivity within the workplace. We are committed to enhancing the ways in which people interact with their work environment.  From expressive design, to orchestrating your move, to maintaining your facilities, dPOP! is the start-to-finish solution for your workspace. 

About Doc Harvard
+Doc Harvard is the founder of +42wd Publishing LLC, a social strategist, works with the Quicken Loans family of companies and is the creator of the 99 cent series. He teaches social strategy courses in programs like IT in the D. Disruptive technology and business methodologies are his bread and butter - “If everyone else is doing it then it’s not right for me.”

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Detroit Startup Success: DVP and iRule at CES

Detroit based iRule, LLC today was honored with the 2013 coveted Consumers Electronics Association (CEA) Mark of Excellence Award as the “Control Product of the Year”!
iRule is a cloud-based software solution coupled with simple hardware which controls any infra-red (IR), RS-232 or Ethernet-enabled audio/video equipment, making it compatible with nearly any system or combination of components. A fully customizable interface allows users to simplify controls, upload their own images and personalize menus to their preferences. iRule is also easily updated to control additional components or to migrate to the latest versions of smartphones and tablets, making it the last remote you’ll ever need.
CEA announced the winners at the annual Consumers Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.
“We’re delighted to receive this award and to be recognized for our team’s hard work and innovation,” said Itai Ben-Gal, CEO of iRule. “What really sets iRule apart is the customization, flexibility, and value. We put the ‘custom’ back in ‘custom integration’, and our dealers can do it at a price that more customers can afford. Never before has such a customizable, flexible control solution been available to a such a wide audience.”
iRule integrators build custom remote controls “in the cloud”. The system requires no “coding,” yet offers deep integration with the most popular third-party audio/video, lighting, and automation products for the smart home.
The company accepted the award at the CEA Mark of Excellence Awards Ceremony on January 8th at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
iRule was founded by two A/V fans, Itai Ben-Gal and Victor Nemirovsky, when they were looking for an easier way to control a home theater system.
iRule is available from Apple’s App Store, Google Play, and from hundreds of integration professionals worldwide. iRule hardware is available at The company has sold tens of thousands of licenses in more than 50 countries via word-of-mouth and online “buzz” among early adopters, home theater professionals and online forums. The company is funded by Detroit Venture Partners.
About iRule:
iRule is an application that transforms the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Android devices into a universal remote control, allowing you full control of audio video gear simply and reliably. Based in downtown Detroit, iRule focuses on a simple user experience that allows non-experts the ability to quickly and easily create a powerful personalized remote. iRule is fully upgradeable and accommodates users’ changing needs.


A quick thanks to Josh Linkner for sharing the success of iRule, and by extension Detroit, with Detroit Positive News Network.

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