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Video - Shrimp Chilling out in the tank
After that last post I thought it'd be nice to share a video of the shrimp just chilling out enjoying their home in the tank.

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Video - Shrimp Chilling out in the tank
After that last post I thought it'd be nice to share a video of the shrimp just chilling out enjoying their home in the tank.

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Sad News
One of the shrimp was found dead this evening. He was sitting on top of  a pile of blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) on top of the substrate (aquarium soil, specifically Fluval Stratum) He was pale compared to the others but not clear like an empty molt.  I ...

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They Are Getting Comfy
The Blue Velvets have gotten pretty comfy with their new home. They graze a lot on the Java ferns and even the plastic plants that have been in the tank all month have lots of algae, so they graze there. A few have molted These little guys are really good a...

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Blue Velvets
Well, I guess I missed the Crystal Black sale, so I decided to go with a group of 10 Blue Velvet Neocaridina shrimp. Here they are in the bag from the store getting used to the tank temperature.  And finally in the tank, getting used to their new home. Unfo...

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Colour Changes, Getting Ready
I knew before I started that cherry shrimp do change their colour from different amounts of red colouring to fairly clear (and the reverse) depending on food, stress, camouflaging, how young they are, and who knows what other variables might come into play....

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First shrimp
Here are some photos of my first shrimp. He (she?) was a stowaway on a large java fern that we got from one of Anna's coworkers. I know there's at least one other stowaway in that plant somewhere, but I can't find her. I know I poured 2 live shrimps out of ...

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It begins
Ok, so my wife said a couple of months ago that she wanted an aquarium (or maybe it was a fish). I wanted to not kill a fish, so I started learning all I can about aquariums. In the process I discovered freshwater dwarf shrimps and I think that they are sup...

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US scientists are going rogue.


Follow these accounts on Twitter:
AltUSForestService @AltForestServ
The unofficial, and unsanctioned, "Resistance" team of the U.S. Forest Service. Not an official Forest Service account, and not publicly funded!

AltFDA @alt_fda
Uncensored FDA

Rogue NASA @RogueNASA
The unofficial "Resistance" team of NASA. Not an official NASA account. Follow for science and climate news and facts. REAL NEWS, REAL FACTS.

"Unofficial" Resistance account by concerned scientists for humanity.

AltEPA @ActualEPAFacts
He can take our official Twitter but he'll never take our FREEDOM. UNOFFICIALLY resisting at the @EPA.

AltUSDA @altusda
Resisting the censorship of facts and science. Truth wins in the end.

AltFEC @alt_fec
The unofficial #Resistance team of the U.S. Federal Election Commission. Not taxpayer subsidized. Come for the truth about federal #campaignfinance law.

AltMountRainierNPS @AltMtRainierNPS
Unofficial "Resistance" Team from the Mount Rainier National Park Service. Protecting what's important...

The Alt U.S. Fish Wildlife Service (AltUSFWS) is dedicated to the conservation, protection and enhancement of fish, wildlife and plants and their habitats

Alternative NIH @Alt_NIH
Unofficial Group of Science Advocates. Stand up for science, rights, equality, social justice, & ultimately, for the health of humanity. #SolidarityinScience

The unofficial "Resistance" team of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

NatlParksUnderground @NatParkUndrgrnd
We post the information Donald Trump censors #FindYourPark #NPS100

BadHombreLands NPS @BadHombreNPS
Unofficial feed of Badlands NP. Protecting rugged scenery, fossil beds, 244,000 acres of mixed-grass prairie & wildlife from two-bit cheetoh-hued despots.

March for Science @ScienceMarchDC
Planning a March for Science. Date TBD. We'll let you know when official merchandise is out to cover march costs.

AltUSNatParkService @AltNatParkSer
The Unofficial "Resistance" team of U.S. National Park Service. Not taxpayer subsidised! Come for rugged scenery, fossil beds, 89 million acres of landscape

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Protect yourself against the HEIST + BREACH vulnerability
The new  HEIST  vulnerability demonstrated at Black Hat this week makes it possible to use  BREACH  and/or  CRIME  vulnerabilities to decode HTTPS traffic (or HTTP/2) without the hacker having a man-in-the-middle position.  CRIME requires TLS compression (w...
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