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Google asks the creators of some of the most iconic ads to re-imagine their own work for the 21st century. Absolutely inspiring.

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Woohoo :) Can't wait to get those pins!
We’re excited to announce our five favorite Android pin designs - congrats to +Veronica Wong, +John Drinkwater, +David Manjon Porta, +Luciana Caraça and +Esteban Díaz for their awesome designs! Thanks to everyone who shared a pin design - we had a blast looking at them all.

We’ll be sending the five poeple above a full set of 86 pins as a sign of our thanks. If your design was chosen, please make sure the ‘Send an email’ option on your profile is turned on so we can contact you about shipping!
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This article makes me realize how lucky I was to have been able to grow up in a city like Toronto.

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Challenge: Get sweet potato fries.
Challenge accomplished.

Not a fan of the Google+ invite interface.
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