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Bricked Nexus 9 after N Preview!

Ok, so I have a totally stock Nexus 9 Wifi, not rooted, not unlocked in any way. I signed up for the developer preview of Android N at the Google website and I got the OTA. I installed it and my device will not boot anymore.

Now, I know this is supposed to be an untested buggy preview, but I wanted to try it out knowing that. I expected bugs, not a bricked device.

First I tried booting into recovery and wiping everything, still won't boot. Then I went into Fastboot and tried to do a factory reset. Still nothing, just the Android on it's back.

As I noted earlier, by device is NOT bootloader unlocked so I can't do any back door stuff to restore it. Apparently this bricking issue is something Google is aware of so they posted a FULL OTA update for N that will restore it to a working state, I got that file here:

I sideloaded the update as they instructed, and this is the result:

It appears that I installed from the OTA a newer version than Google is offering as a download. That apparently means I cannot sideload the update. I've looked everywhere for a newer version and I cannot find one.

This is the build I'm apparently on:

Does anyone out there have a newer OTA update? Google? Anyone?

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Hey guys, can you add image copy/paste? It's something that's in GMail and is awesome, I'd love to see it on Inbox.!topic/gmail/hrkwKAXxhsI

Love the app! Two issues I'm having on a stock Nexus 6:

Every time I switch music apps I get the lock screen again even though I set automate to skip the lock screen.

Also I am unable to set any app shortcuts. It just hangs forever on that screen.

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Check out this 3D printed geodesic dome you can make with just some printed hubs and bar straws #3dprinting  

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Your 3D-printed Christmas ornament could end up in the White House

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Visualizer now supports layer colors in SketchUp . Learn how to use this powerful feature in our latest blog post -

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Last month, we built two geodesic domes out of PVC pipe at World Maker Faire. Why? Well, why not?

Get the full scoop on our geodesic project and learn how to build your own geodome here on the SketchUpdate blog:

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Check out my post on +Visualizer for +SketchUp This i something I've been fooling with for a while and I really like it! +SketchThis.NET 

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Check out this Ray Ban case I made using my Handibot!
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