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Be Kind, Really
So many things compete against kindness. The desire for power. The desire to be right. The need to feel important. Lack of thinking our words and actions through and considering how they will make others feel. Almost everything we say or do has an impact on...

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Book Review - The Sound of Gravel
Listen, I'm going to be honest, this book review comes with a story that is going to sound just plain crazy. In many ways, it kinda is crazy. I've tried to write the review for this blog post without the story, and I just can't. Too much of the review needs...

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Faith Like Job - Guest Blogger
     When I learned that there was a day to celebrate the lives of infants and babies who were lost to their parents, I was deeply touched. While I have never experienced this heartbreak personally, I know many who have. People whom I love, people whom I ad...

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Five Minute Friday - Doubt
    Doubt gets a bad
rap. It is thought of as the opposite of belief, and belief is shining example
of all that we are supposed to do and be as Christians. Rather than opposite,
in my life, doubt has been the beginning of true belief. Doubt acknowledges tha...

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     Words, words, words. I love the way they sound, the way they look, and the meaning they carry. I love studying the history and meaning of words. I love playing around with them to see which combination works best to explain something to someone else. I...

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Really God, Patience?
     It's been a week. It has been a long, powerful, beautiful, heartbreaking week. The amount of good and the amount hard in this week is indescribable. So I a head full of words that are all mixed up. There is so much that I want to say, so much I need to...

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The Road To Becoming - Jenny Simmons
It's here! It's officially launch day for Jenny Simmons and her incredible book, The Road to Becoming. I wanted my readers to know why this day is so important to me. In the fall of 2013 I begrudgingly agreed to accompany teenagers on a weekend trip to Live...

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Five Minute Friday - Free
Minute Friday – Free      Trapped,
confined, held down, no escape, no hope. 
This is often how I feel.  I let
the weight of my burdens and even the burdens of others back me into a corner
and cause me to collapse.  That has never
once helped.  It has n...
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