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SEO, Copywriter & Internet Marketeer
SEO, Copywriter & Internet Marketeer

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Leman Russ Competition: Vote
Cast your vote and help us to choose the winner of our Leman Russ Competition . 12 battle reports were submitted, 8 were deemed worthy to be published on the Space Wolves Blog and of those, 5 have been chosen as finalists for the Leman Russ Competition. Now...

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Space Wolves VS Orks Zone Mortalis Battle Report
This week's battle report is from Joseph Forgeard. Space Wolves come to the aid of the Imperial Guard, who have fallen back to a barricade under the relentless attack of the Orks. Over to Joseph... Since playing Space Crusade in the early 90s as a boy I hav...

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Space Wolves VS Chaos Space Marines 1750pts Battle Report
Hey all, so this battle report is between me (Chris, being represented by Huron) and Mark (playing the honourable space wolves). We played in my cosy living room so the lighting is not great, which I will apologise for now! I set the board up in advance and...

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The Burning of Prospero - White Dwarf November 2016 Leaked
The Burning of Prospero board game is coming in November and will contain Space Wolves, Thousand Sons and Adeptus Custodes. Yes, that is Bjorn the Fell-Handed, complete with an oversized Wolf Claw centre front. Yes, those are PLASTIC Tartaros Terminators an...

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Traitors Hate Formations & Tactics
A tactical analysis of the formations and rules in the Chaos Space Marines supplement Traitors Hate. Chaos Space Marines getting some love from Games Workshop is a big deal. And as one of the armies Space Wolves players are most likely to face in Warhammer ...

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Space Wolves VS Space Marines/Orks 1850 Battle Report
Bill Durrett's Space Wolves hack, slash and howl their way through the Orkish hordes, topple a mighty Stompa and battle the treacherous Salamander Space Marines who were in league with the greenskins. Over to Bill... "The Space Wolves were told of an Ork si...

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Space Wolves Great Company vs Black Legion 1850pts
In this week's battle report, Tristan Whitehead leads his Space Wolves Great Company against the Black Legion Chaos Space Marines in an 1850pts game. Over to Tristan... Right ok, So here we have a fluffy game between two friends. We started 40k together and...

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Firehowlers Army Battle Reports
Reg Saunders took his Firehowlers Space Wolves army to a Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000 in Australia and did rather well! Over to Reg to explain how his Firehowlers army plays and why it works so well in a competitive environment: Having finished 5/24 over...

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Space Wolves Warlord Traits
Here's a break down of the Warlord Traits available to Space Wolves, including which ones to choose when and why. This includes the Warlord Trait Tables from Codex Space Wolves, Champions of Fenris, the Warhammer 40K rulebook and the Escalation supplement. ...

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WIN! Leman Russ Primarch of the Space Wolves
Enter our competition to win Leman Russ Primarch of the Space Wolves legion, from Forge World. THIS is THE miniature that EVERY Space Wolves player wants. There's no denying it. Seriously, I lost my frickin' mind when I saw the preview sculpts. And we haven...
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