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Chatting with James Walls tomorrow, if I can figure out this technology they call "Hangouts." :)
Maps!  I love maps.  Oh, and deckplans, I love those too.  At Gen Con I found my way over to the Maps of Mastery booth and had the opportunity to meet ENnie Award winning cartographer +Christopher West.  I also walked away with some amazing maps!  Christopher would go on to win ENnie Gold for his work on the Numenera Ninth World Guidebook.  Congratulations, sir!

I am so pleased to report that Christopher is going to be our guest on this Wednesday's Living 4 Crits - Late Knights.  We'll talk maps and gaming of course, and perhaps chat a bit about a secret, Firefly-inspired game of The Strange that I ran at Gen Con, organized by our friend +Rich Howard (who may also join us... gotta keep up the pressure!) 

If you would like to learn more about Christopher West's incredible work, check out his Maps of Mastery site:
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