I finally moved my blog (from wordpress) to blogger and I'm much, much happier with it. The one thing I hated most about my standalone wordpress-based blog was updating wordpress and the handful of plugins I was using. Have we not learned yet how to do auto-updates? Plus, blogger's integration with social buttons and analytics makes my life so much easier.
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That's what WordPress.com is for. I run quite a few self-hosted WP sites, and I don't want anything auto-updating on them; I want to control all of that to make sure things keep running smoothly.
I see. Still, WP occasionally issued security updates that seemed important. I guess I 'm just lazy.
They certainly do, and those are important. However, I like to test them in case they break functionality before I roll them out to any of my clients that have complex systems.

In any case, congrats on finding a solution that you're happy with, as that's all that really matters.
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