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Why it helps a freelancer to have a website?

The 21st century has been the era of freelancing and is known as the era of information. Freelancing has therefore evolved as a profitable business concept in the past decade or so. Basically, a freelancer is a person who works as a writer, designer, performer, or else, selling work or services by the hour, day, etc, rather than working on a regular salary basis and fixed office schedule, hours.

Since freelancers find work online, it makes sense for them to have a website where they can showcase their best works through a portfolio.
Not only does it help your online branding. It also helps clients to easily find you when using online search engines such as Google. Here are more reasons for freelancers to have a website:

- A website helps build trust and makes the client feel that he is indeed working with a professional freelancer.
- A website provides basic information like contact information, general skills and services and also presents a freelancer's English grammar and writing skills.
- A website helps build online presence and branding. It also lets you build online relationships with other blogs and websites.
- Having a website makes it easy for clients to find you when searching online especially in search engines like Google. Make use of keywords and relevant content for higher ranking.

Creating a website is an essential part of today's competitive online environment and can benefit freelancers in different ways.

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Top online Business tools for freelancers

If you're a freelancer and you have done enough work in this line, then you know how challenging it is to run a business by yourself. There are times when you'll feel like you're stuck or struggling but thanks to a variety of online business tools for freelancers, work is simplified and made easier.

Here are some tools that you can easily download on the internet that's guaranteed to make your work more manageable.

Google free tools: Google itself offers a wide variety of free tools that are quite helpful for running your freelance business. Google tools are easy to adapt as well as reliable. Some of the useful Google apps include Gmail, Google calendar, Google talk and Google Docs.

Social Networking sites: Social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are a great way to network with other professional freelancers and find new clients. They are the quickest source of hype creation and medium for viral content.

Wordpress: Wordpress is an impressive open source content management system (CMS) for setting up blogs or websites. It is an open source app so it is free to download. Although it is primarily used as a blogging tool but it can be used in setting up and maintaining a website.

CurdBee: Curdbee is a comprehensive online billing and invoicing system. It incorporates all the important features of an accounting app and is one of the best free packages that includes many of the features only available in the premium versions of other apps.

Less Accounting: Less Accounting is a financial software aimed at smaller businesses. One of its main selling points is its ability to connect and import your transaction details from your bank account.

Working as a freelancer doesn't mean that you are always on your own. Most of the time, help is just one website away. Leave a comment and tell us what are your must have online business tools.

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How to increase your online visibility as a freelancer?

Lack of clients in freelancing is attributed to lack of visibility and poor marketing strategies. As a freelancer, it is advisable to capitalize in some form of marketing to get business. It may involve listing your skills and services and contributing in discussions to get noticed. It is also advisable to identify and approach prospective clients that match the service that you offer.

First, make efforts to build a quality website. You don't have to be a computer guru to make one. Search for a professional web template and use it on a free hosting plan. Include a beautiful home page, lists of your products and an "About us" page. Make your contact information easy to locate. To get more visitors, invest on writing quality articles on your site that can attract visitors who might buy your services.

Next, visit other reputable sites and post guest articles. Leave your contact details on them and create links that point to your main site. Many may be intrigued by your knowledge and like to do business with you. Participate in  social media networks by creating a fan page on websites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Add friends each day and join groups related to your services.

For higher visibility there are freelance websites connecting job seekers and employers. Join them by making a good profile and filling your education background, portfolio, experience, skills and job categories of interest. You will start getting mails in your inbox.

Time and Work Organization Tools for Freelancers

Despite the flexible schedule and the lack of company policy when it comes to schedule and work adherence, it is still recommended for freelance workers to stay as organized as possible.

It is your responsibility as a freelancer to track your time, create and stick to your individual plan and personal structures, as well as hit your career goals. This is made easier using tons of great tools that you can download online.

Here are some examples of time tracking tools:

GetHarvest - Harvest lets you and your team track time, log consumptions, and create invoices in one easy, incorporated workflow. Set yourself or your team up on Harvest within minutes, and immediately start tracking your time and your expenses. This tool offers a selection of platform integrations similar to Beanstalk, IPhone, Basecamp, Wordpress and more.

MyClientSpot - Is an all-in-one product with great features for keeping track of your billable hours, remaining organized, tracking leads, sharing documents, calendars and many others.

Tickspot - allows you to keep track of time spent on a project and on how close you are to using up your client's assigned budget. It also comes with a mobile version for your smartphones.

Bizzvo - Allows you to import contacts, keep a to-do list, take notes, log phone calls with clients, produce bills and more.

Time59 - Keeps track of your time and expenses and generate invoices that you can send to your clients.

Sundial - Keeps track of time spent on multiple projects and clients and allows you to generate reports based on any time period.

TimePost - Desktop time with simple interface and features like idle detection and another status.

How about you? What time and work organization tools do you find helpful in your freelancing work?

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Article Marketing for Freelancers

Article marketing is one type of Internet advertising that has proven to be both instructive and effective, because Internet users are being given useful information on their related searches, through short but helpful articles with an accompanying link to the author's site at the bottom part of the article.

Article marketing can do great wonders for freelancers not just in advertising services but also by providing article marketing services to their clients (potential views and increased website traffic).

The web is a never-ending source of research material and if the readers do not get what they want instantly by reading the articles published, they could turn to other sources. Therefore the articles have to be written in such a way that the attentions of the Internet users are used to the fullest degree.

Short articles are most ideal. This way, all the important elements of a subject matter is tightly woven into the article, thus creating less risk of boring the readers with unnecessary matters.

The article has to be persuasive too with quotes from reliable personalities on the subject matter.

The words used for an article should be chosen according to the target audience. 

Article marketing seeks to build up a wide readership over an extended period of time by publishing relevant and up-to-date articles.

Boost your contracts and add it to your skillset. Article marketing is one skill that will come in handy to freelancers.

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What you need to know before starting Freelancing!

Freelancing sounds good and being your own boss is really exciting but every business has its own keys to success.
There are some points that a freelancer must know in order to boost their career.
Click on the link below and take a look at the article on our freelance blog.

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3 Ways to Empower Communication Skills for Freelancers

Freelancers communicate online most of the time, without seeing their interlocutors, through email or chat. And so, it becomes more challenging and far more important for freelancers to empower their communication skills.

What you know: Education is all about learning the basics --> practice what you have learned.

Listening: As important as asking questions.

Preparation: Make the best out of preparation and prepare a clear communication

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Building your Freelance Network through Social Media

The business system has technologically evolved. The Internet offers new horizons ans scope for work!

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Happy monday dear freelancers! 
Let's start the week with positive energy, by following our top tips to beat stress and manage your work more efficiently 
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