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Multisensory engagements...Reflections
Having rambled on un-academically about Alex Rhys-Taylor’s observations, I have obsessively spent the past couple of weeks pondering over how to take his research findings further. I have become fascinated by how adopting a multi-sensory approach to empiric...

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As a researcher by profession and passion, I find myself being forcibly inspired by the mundane and uninteresting, deceiving a determination to finish a report on a topic that I may not be genuinely passionate about. This in turn has had a large part to pla...

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Families and Poverty: Everyday life on a low income by Mary Daly and Grace Kelly
Within the
book in question, families are defined as “a normative sphere, structural unit,
and set of relationships that merit investigation in their own right” (2015: 5)
-thus acknowledging that a‘family’ exists not only as a physical entity but
also as a ...

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Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions - Pablo Picasso
I have recently made the executive decision to follow my dreams.  This year I am going to successfully apply for my dream PhD and I am going to
do so without the constraints of a funding body or a partner organisation taking
the lead in developments. I am g...

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Inspired by Zephaniah
Your house is Falling down Around Your Feet, And you got Nought  To eat, Don't worry Be happy. Your fish Have drowned You wear A frown, You search   But you don't Own a pound, Don't worry Be happy.  De Rong Song by Benjamin Zephaniah

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"People don't understand the pressure on me to look perfect"-Kim Kardashian, 2011.
    A brand endorsed by almost every consumer outlet (from Lipsy
to Quick Trim) is the bodacious Kim Kardashian. Since 2007, Kim Kardashian has been the self-styled queen of the social media
revolution, utilising social media outlets to #breaktheinternet. H...

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Family Homelessness
The emergence of a homeless household underclass
is no surprise given the current climate and restrictions to benefit
entitlements for claimant families. The current number of households accepted
by local authorities as owed a main homeless duty was 12,520 ...

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Barking and Dagenham, Poverty, Welfare and Employment cont. My Qualitative conundrums
In order to effectively research the issues highlighted in the previous blog post, it is imperative to develop a series of sound research questions and a methodology befitting the unique landscape of Barking and Dagenham. With this in mind, the set research...
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