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Daily Poems and Stories about Life by author Jan Jansen
Poems, poetry, story, stories, best poems, free poems, love poems, romantic poems, classic poems, friendship poems
Poems, poetry, story, stories, best poems, free poems, love poems, romantic poems, classic poems, friendship poems

Daily Poems and Stories about Life by author Jan Jansen's posts

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Always Strive to reach Above the Cloud, as the Sky is our Limit

Perseverance is what we need to achieve victories and for that we must sacrifice the maximum out of our body in order to reach for the top places.
If we are going to set ourselves a goal we must also fully comply for it.
Concentrated on the crosshairs to focus intentionally on our goal can create wonders if we have not set the time limit set for ourselves, because it is different for everyone by their influential capabilities.
There's always more in our power than we know or think, so when we move on and continue, we can show the true character of ourselves.
Be positive every day and give ourselves the inspiration that we can deliver it with a daring to dream for the extreme.
Never let ourselves be influenced by others who have the negative views, but keep believing in ourselves to get it done.
Have faith in ourselves and self-esteem to realize that almost everything is possible if we able to keep the persevere and never give up.
A quitter never can win, and a winner does not give up, so we should always push our ourselves over the boundaries in a positive way, and this can surely let us grow above our limit.
We must constantly believe that we can do better with devoting our energy, do not waste our time on silly things but endeavor carefully to achieve our target .
Only then we have the chance to strive above our limit and this will eulogize our dream that we came finally able to reach above the cloud.

All the best for You with a Good Health
©author Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen
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Treat Every Relationship as our Responsibility, Not as an Opportunity.

Friendship and relationships are not abundant so when we get the opportunity to come true, we should also bear our responsibility to keep this kind of relation.
Most people see a new encounter or relationship as an opportunity to reclaim their advantage, and if that happened, they can achieve the benefits and then for them emotions or feelings is no longer important.
Their plus points is the ability to make what it counts, and therefore they able to carry a nice show on their words and conduct of laughter with a credible face.
And they continue doing that as long as can reap the benefit of returns, where this is not only based on friendship, but they keeps looking for their next victim.
Profit figures is what is served in their minds, but there is no friendship for them.
Companionship is something that is not important for them because they cannot buy anything from there, they only concentrate themselves on financial benefits which  resolves everything , and that defines their whole life.
They forget that in this way we can't build any relationship and that having many relationships are more important than money.
Something to tell or show for 10 people or 100,000 makes a big difference with a magnifying chance of success.
But their brains only think for today and not prepared to have success in the long run.
A friendship is so important in our life and it give us love with affection.
We can cry and laugh together with our best friends, and this give such a sense of satisfaction for each other.
Friendliness, trust, compassion and sympathy are responsibilities that are attached to a friendship which should never be abused by anyone.
Never use the opportunity to meet someone for a benefit or only think for a business appointment, because business and friendship are two separate things.
But we should understand that friendship is more important than money, so try to solve every argument in harmony among friends.
And never forget we are strong together and united unbeatable.

All the best for You with a Good Health
author © Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen

Stand firm on the decision what we think is right and do not let our self-confidence to be shaken by anybody.

Commitment and dedication by ourselves bring us one step closer to success, it's a good habit which are recommended to follow where we ourselves feel good at and go for it with our full ambition.
When we have faith and fully believe on something, then stand firm with keeping our feet on the ground, never give chance for anyone to disrupt us, because ourselves already fully dedicated for doing that by our own inner feeling.
That is the thing we want to achieve and it appear constantly in our mind, it is already a part of our life which has become our priority, and that is something we completely believe in it, because it comes from the bottom of our heart.
It is our wish and dream to be able to achieve it in reality and we cannot let it to be disrupted by anyone even if they have different beliefs or views on it.
We can listen to their views and join it for our advantage, in view of the adverse way of thinking from ourselves, but it none of the cases should have an impact on the whole.
When we already think that we are on the right path, why should we deviate ourselves by the comments from third parties?
It is our idea and thinking about it and gives us a good feeling thus we have the self-confidence to believe that we can improve the future with our mindset.
Let no one to disturb our self-confident and keep holding on to every decision we make that is good for us and the future. 

All the best for You with a Good Health
©author Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen

Sometimes Things in Life are more Complicated than Just a Cat and Mouse Game Together.

Problems are the order of the day, is deteriorating economy and it seems that some people adapt to it with their character traits and attitude toward others.
Sometimes conflicts arise between husband and wife or in relationships, can also be several groups which may be gangs, associations, old and young, hip, unconventional or unmannerly.                       And start thinking for one another and try to eliminate each other in conflicts maybe with words, because of power or other profiteering.
Sometimes the solution or answer for grabs and it appears to be gmakkelijk until we realize that this game is much bigger and usually does not always seem like it is or what's going on in our minds.
But often there are other reasons for the conflict around which the person or the other players think that this is the first but it is something completely different and it brings confusion.
Sometimes we think we have a puzzle of 20 pieces until we realize that it is one of 1,000 pieces appears to be with a lot more complications than we ourselves can predict or imagine.
Because others, often outsiders use the created situation and so try to exclude someone by a little more fire to do on top and it's getting so more worse.
And then a potential exists that a terrible havoc created which could end very wrong for all people involved.
Therefore it is good to positively communicate and must constantly try to avoid escalation that is better for both parties.
And also try to prevent things are picked up by the wrong people and can then be used against us with a major disadvantage for ourselves.
For example, a cat and mouse game together are much more complicated and result in a greater loss than we had in our minds or want to afford ourselves in life.

All the best for You with a Good Health
©author Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen

Revenge is Things we Should be Avoided because it's only will Give Darkness to our Life.

It's hard to stay self-possessed when our souls is being kicked at the back by another person, but why we must give ourselves more suffering from that kind of pain.
If we again give that person access to our heart or confidence, it will certainly happen again, and when we take revenge to them, we shall deprive ourselves of the peace with our minds.
We must then invent and make a plan for revenge to alleviate our suffering, but that will not work in our advantage, because we are then keep this person constantly in our thought.
That will give more pain and frustration so we will not have peace with ourselves, and thus we suffer more because of the same person or even have more painfulness.
And that perhaps even rise so high that we no longer have self-control and reach a bad thoughts which will go too far with a fatal outcome.
We should not be so naive, that we are going to influence and make ourselves down for such a person who has a bad mind with no self-respect and use us for his own benefit.
It is best to learn from this experience and banish that person from our mind, so we can continue our peaceful and organized life without any resentment.
We are already at fault for giving our trust to the wrong individual, so we should not repeat the same mistake by avenging on them.
Revenge feelings give more problems and it will not give us any satisfied feeling, but disrupt our rhythm of life that would bring us into an uncomfortable zone.
Let us not live into the dark sides of our life, get through the mistakes we have make to give confidence and do not bring ourselves into a situation which combines revenge and pain as a retaliation.
We should avoid every occasion which can be referring to revenge, because that will not give us a happy solution, but only leave ourselves into a darkness world.

All the best for You with a Good Health
©author Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen

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Luckiness is the best medicine to heal our pain.

The periods of emotional heartache by torment, grief and anguish can be a suffering for our life.
To help us there-through is an entire complicated task and it can be very frustrating by the incredible physical feelings which brings this over to our mind.
Psychologically it also consume us a lot of energy and it can give a short fuse to our character, so we are easily being irritated by responding to others.
During this agony of the soul which often against everything on such a moment then  just friends and happiness can perform miracles to alleviate pain relief.
It will be the responsible for our inner self to get a better sentiment and mood with a good feeling.
A good example is to win a lottery or to meet the love of our life, our thoughts will do anything to forget the pain, so then our fixation is only on one subject.
Our compassion and mind can be completely relieved of pain and suffering through the joy for an ultimate acquisition.
It 's a whole sensational experience and then just at that point of time we welcome the happiness with an open arms.
Received good news to us in bad times can heals and softens the wounds for this remarkable circumstances.
Healing our pain will bring us the luckiness, and this will be the best medicine to relief us with a positive thoughts.

All the best for You with a Good Health
©author Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen

A Great Leader always Accept full Responsibility and Respond with Courage .

Playing the leader or to be a ruler, is the big difference.
Leadership is about taking full responsibility to do so with courage and complete trust, a great leader does not like to make excuses, but looking for solutions and opportunities to improve further.
A great leader can always find solutions for every problems, if he/she does not know how to fix it , they will never be afraid to ask the help from people in their circle of life.
Strong together and unites unbeatable is the right expression that shows unity is power.
Leadership does not merely consist on commanding, but to improve everything together in the correct order in which everyone can benefit from it.
A leadership figure is a leader and ruler who can do everything together in every situation inside a community for an improvement.
He/she has the responsibility to confirm with a yes or no, and that may be used by themselves or another person in that community, any decision by them will benefit for the whole relationship.
100% stand behind every decision taken by them and they will not defense when making mistakes but comes with a reasonable explanation with the facts and provide the solutions.
A leader who is there for others and not just of self-interest will always be an advocator for the best of their commune.
Never make unlawful decisions and not say yes when there are no provable facts for an improvement.
Take the full responsibility of a leadership functionality will give the power and permission to make decisions for others.
Those who cannot take the responsibility for the interests of their associates will never be a good leader.
It is not commendable to withhold this position with no accountability for its community and no liability feeling for others
The true leader will always take responsibility and be there for others to make a total assets improvement for everyone together in the society.

All the best for You with a Good Health
©author Jan Jansen @authorjanjansen @janjansenpoetry @easyjanjansen

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Jump to a Better Life
Sometimes we have to take risks for rectification or transmutation in our life.
We know that it can give us more perfecting, but the cost of failure would be high, because that will give a huge loss.
But at times there is no time to think a lot and we have to make a quick decision and then we have only two choices.
1. “We take no risk and do it not” and we continue at the same level or are in the starting blocks to start losing.
2. “We accept and do it” and have the opportunity for progress and a better life, but also the eventuality of defeat.
For many among us it is a difficult situation and decision, because there is a perspective and developmental in progressions for both win or lose.
Because a security and a return possibility with warranty we do not have in that brief moment of our decisive can it give result or not.
But by being testified and to have confidence in ourselves, we can accentuate the decision and execute it.
Always consider first all risk factors and a quick calculation in the percentage of getting genuinely success.
Before we take action with a jump to a better life is something of vital importance before we decide it.
In our daily and in business life is taking risks actually a normal thing, we just need to ending up into busy traffic.
By think always what we do, but without having to take the first step, we will never know where the next steps will ending.
In order thereby with the first step encourage a action and to get started for an improving of our future.
Therefore it is very important to know where our personal abilities and limits are in our society.
But shift beyond our boundaries can give us more opportunities and jump back or about effectiveness can still be possible, because nothing is permanent in our life.
Realistic thinking, that if the superior jump across is successful, the jump will be back easily through learned from the experience.
The leap to a better life will always be a question mark and  adventure with a unpredictable realistic faithful result from the commencement.
Copyright @authorjanjansen

I wish you a healthy life.
Kindly Regards, hhtp://
author Jan Jansen
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