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I Dream of Death
I died into a bed of a small cabin. When I wake I already know what has happened to me. The cell is reminiscent of changing rooms in swimming pool facilities; the walls are bare with hues I can come up with no expression for. I'm not familiar with the capac...

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I have memories of times when I had almost nothing to remember whatsoever... A few hazy instants of me being carried by my mother in a grocery store, in former Yugoslavia. I remember the completely empty shelves. The understanding that they are not being as...

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Final Day, Act One
A seraph approached me last night Gave me a burning letter and flew away blazing As I broke the wax stamp a black phoenix fluttered before me It took me to the fractal spiral and shattered my body And with it all of my self-proclaimed sins The eternity that...

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Inverted Pyramid
Back when I spent a year of my live as a full-time volunteer, during our initial meeting in the organization I was working for, we – the volunteers – were entertained with a peculiar world view, which was given to us as an insight to how the organization wo...

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A Malevolent Defect
Up until now, I intentionally avoided writing about the current immigrant situation in Europe. My reason for this is that there are many people with a much better insight into the topic than me, who are actively discussing and acting upon the affair. Adding...

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Paranimalia: Deer Witch
If it wasn't obvious by now: I love writing. This pleasure exceeds the pages of Asylum for Thoughts . One of my ongoing writing projects is entitled Paranimalia . As I see it now, it will contain short stories, all of which tell tales by forging motives of ...

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The Extraterrestrial Paradigm
When humanity began mindfully observing patterns during our development, it was only natural to one night look up at the sparkling sky and dream up constellations. It's not far-fetched to think that the stars shaped our lives according to when and where the...

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Red Shoes
I lost my mind quite some time ago. Sure at least some other people share the same sentiment . I know a few of us, and was asked by another mad individual: what made me go off the rails? Since me being crazy , as I experience it, is not suffering from any f...
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