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Is there a way to exclude International Business Times from Google Now?

It feels like all of their articles are just completely made up.

How to become "hot on Google+", late 2013 edition:

1. Share a Lindsey Stirling video
2. Done

Google Glass! Do want one?

I have three invites. Let me know if you're interested.

Three caveats:
- You must live in the US
- You must have a Gmail account
- You must have $1500 over

But hey you get the privilege of paying for it before most other people :-)

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Tegra Draw...that seems familiar...

+Dan Sandler

Been playing with a Dell Venue 7 for a bit. Wow that thing is one fast Android tablet for 150$. Absolutely no bugs so far. There are only two bundled preinstalled apps which can easily be disabled, turning it essentially into a Nexus 7 2012.

Dell just became my favorite non-Nexus manufacturer, replacing Asus (who work too much on "value add" outside of the Nexus 7).

Also interesting: This thing has an Intel Atom, so this is my first Android x86 device as well.

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Will the Nexus 7 LTE also work on AT&T and Verizon, if I get a sim card myself?

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Sometimes auto correct is kinda stupid.

Could anyone of my Googler friends please forward this to a keyboard person? This freaks me out so often

Can anyone with Android NDK experience help out my friend? His app has over 10M installs on Android and on a small number of devices, libraries fail to load.

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Lieber +FOCUS-Online-Nachrichten , darf ich bitte meine Bildschirmhälfte wiederhaben?
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