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Sharla Shults
I am a very congenial person instilled with integrity and a deep spiritual belief.
I am a very congenial person instilled with integrity and a deep spiritual belief.

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'Til we meet again at Heaven's door...
To all my wonderful blogger friends, visitors, followers and acquaintances. Posting has been very slim due to the illness of my husband, James (Jim) Lee Shults. Friday morning, May 12, 2017 after nearly 33 years of marriage which began on July 10, 1984, Jim...

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'Tis the Season to be Jolly
Awakenings touched on the Sights and Smells of Christma s so it is logical to follow up with the sounds of Christmas. Jolliness naturally accompanies Christmas Time mainly because of the music ever present on the scene...along the sidewalks, down the city s...

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Is it Winter yet?
For many parts of the country, it appears Ol' Man Winter and Jack Frost have delayed their normal visits. Warmer temperatures for the season make the winter seem more like an early spring. Of course, some will still experience a white Christmas...somewhere ...

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Trivia, Treats & Tradition
[Go to catnipoflife for a purr-r-r-r-fect Thanksgiving blessing!] Thanksgiving is loaded with historical trivia, delectable treats and holiday tradition. May this day be filled with fun, food and fellowship overflowing with voices of thankfulness and gratit...

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Being Thankful!
Elections are ove r! Whether the re sult s brought abou t smiles or tears really does not matter at this point. In any kind of competition, o ne person wins. Another loses. This is the matter of fact way of looking at it only from an indiv idua l perspecti ...

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Stand up for America!
At some point in time, you have had or perhaps will have your heart pierced sorrowfully by the loss of a loved one. While you may not bleed outwardly as those inflicted by daggers of war, the pain and sorrow weigh heavily on your heart and mind as you pass ...

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That’s “baloney!” Or is it “bologna?”
More than likely at some point in time you have heard the expression 'Now that's just a bunch of baloney ! ' Question becom es, is it baloney or bologn a ? Even th o ugh b oth words are spelled differently, their pronuncia tio n is quite the same. T he majo...

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♫From Dream to Reality...♫
Out of numerous pop stars who emerged in the 60s , most will contribute their inspiration on becoming acclaimed musicians to seeing Elvis Presley perform on TV in the 50s . After all, Elvis had become the 'King' of rock 'n' roll! The group in today's spotli...

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Pie or Cake???
The first question for today's celebration happens to be, " Are we celebrating a pie or a cake?" It's name indicates the fo odi e of choice is a pie. Yet, its consistency leans more toward a cake. It does have cake layers but also a creamy custard filling m...

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♫Reality of Music♫
Every song competes with the music of the past, present and future. Within the world of song is competition that extends itself worldwide. Each country sports its own special events tapping into raw, new talent. Winning entrants, as well as many runner-ups,...
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