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Inge, I think it's terrific that you're thinking out loud like this. I am interested in hearing what your next step will be with Pearltrees -- do you see this as a more visual version of a mindmapping tool, or do you have some other idea in mind?

(I'm not making any assumptions, just wondering out loud.)
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Dave Ferguson

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Dave Ferguson hung out. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>
The Nothing Interesting Here hangout test
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Calla: that's what you see after a hangout is over, I think. The "Nothing Interesting Here" was a tryout a week or two ago to make sure my webcam was working.

I did not think it was worth recording for posterity.  ;-)
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Dave Ferguson

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From the video archive at Cape Breton's Celtic Colours
( )
Music by Colin Grant. Scenery by Cape Breton Island.

There's a helluva shot of the coast at about 1:00. There are 14 other videos at the Celtic Colours music gallery, too: Not all of them are this traditional, but they're all living music.

As O Mo Dhúthaich says about another island from which people came to Cape Breton,

Nam biodh agam fhìn de stòras
Dà dheis aodaich, paidhir bhrògan
Agus m'fhàradh bhith 'nam phòca
'Sann air Uibhist dheanainn seòladh...

If I had riches
A change of clothes and a pair of shoes
And my prayer in my pocket
It's to Uist I'd be sailing...
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Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
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