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I just spent half an hour searching for science reality TV roles. I found three out of hundreds of posts for people getting unusual plastic surgery, keeping secrets from their spouses, or wanting to dish their family's dirty laundry in public.

Then I read this fabulous article by +Mark Morford

I have very similar thoughts running through my mind these days. Education is so very important; not the kind of education that spits out masses of human bodies for factory employment, but the kind of education that inspires people to dream, to create, and to land fucking car-sized robots on other planets.

NASA had a win this week. I hope that it is the kind of win that permeates throughout our increasingly lazy country giving hope to little kids in impoverished inner-city schools that one day they too can be a part of something that forever changes our view of the universe. Oh, yea, and have a multi-colored mohawk at the same time. 
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