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Kathy Hokunson
Business Solutions Executive for ThomasNet's Agency Offering
Business Solutions Executive for ThomasNet's Agency Offering

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Migrating to a new laptop is always such a pain. Doing it twice in one month just stinks. . . . I think I am finally all moved over. Now I can finally get to work. YAY!

Had a great time at Social Media Breakfast Club this morning with +Dan Weingrod +Gregory Cox +Rich Bradley . Great presentations and conversation on social search.

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Lewis Black was very funny last night!

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Okay gang, I have a favor to ask. Would you do me the favor of visiting our YouTube Channel and either subscribe, friend us or both. Thanks!!

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Great commentary and advice on your online social persona. Be careful out there!

Started my day out with a 10 mile run. Second Saturday that started with a 10 mile run. Last week was the first time in 6 or more months so my legs just went along for the ride, they didn't know what they were getting into. This week- they just didn't want to again. But we got it done.

Just played around with hangout with +Brian Bluff and +Gillian Kenny . . . . very cool!!

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I am curious about how everyone feels about personal vs. professional communities? Do you keep them separate? Do you connect with anyone who asks or do you have rules?? I have utilized some pretty hard and fast rules but I am starting to be challenged on them and I want to know how others manage it? I wrote a blog post on it today and would love your comments on how you manage the two communities.

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Okay my Google+ friends, I wrote a blog post on Google+ vs. Facebook. Would love to hear your thoughts on how the two platforms compare now that you have been playing with it for awhile.
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