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Velody Dark
Crafty Mommy Blogger of the Heathen Persuasion
Crafty Mommy Blogger of the Heathen Persuasion

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Silly I know but somehow amusing. Created from shots taken from my app.
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Le Sigh: How Life Gets in the Way
This is going to be a bit more of a personal post as it's been forever since I wrote anything. To start off I swear I will not promise I'm going to post more, say how bad I've been and give plans. Nope this is just a post no clue when the next will be.  Bra...

Happy Ostara everyone. Does the Ostara bunny visit your houses too?

Summer is almost over and here in the US classes are soon to start back up. What year is everyone in?

Hi Google plus, don't be said I've been ignoring most social media recently.

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I love this!

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I'm really wanting to see this movie. Looks hilarious. 

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Love Pooka Pages, and the Litha issue is out. 

Litha blessings everyone. (I know I should have said this yesterday). Anyone want to share how they celebrated(ing) it?
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