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I don't like you. Go away.
I don't like you. Go away.

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Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets Storyboards

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It's a constant battle between taking an advice that sounds right or acting upon what I believe is right.

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Should go on this more often...

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This made my morning.
The tale of Ryan Estrada and Christopher Hart

If you visit any bookstore in the world looking for a How to Draw book, chances are good you will find books from Christopher Hart. How to draw Manga, How to draw Superheroes, How to draw Fantasy. You name it, and he has made a book about it.

He doesn’t draw most of the books himself, and doesn’t necessarily understand the thing he is trying to teach. I learned this when I got an e-mail from him....

So one day, back in like 2003, I get an e-mail from Mr. Hart.
"Hello, I am making a new book about how to draw manhwa (Korean comics) and when I Googled 'Korean' and 'comics' I found your site. Would you be interested in providing some illustrations for the book?
Christopher Hart"

I reply a couple of hours later:
"Hello Mr Hart,
Yes, I am a comic artist who has spent time living in Korea.
I would be happy to discuss the details of the project more.
Ryan Estrada"

He replies the next day:
"Who is this?
How did you get the address, and how did you know about my next book? If you want to work with me, you have to submit a portfolio. do you have any work online?
Christopher Hart"

Note that this was pre-Gmail days, so the complete text of his e-mail to me was included in my message. I respond:
"Hello Mr. Hart,
I think there may have been some misunderstanding, you contacted me about your book, and I was simply responding to your message. My portfolio is at You mentioned you had already seen my site, and that is why you contacted me.
Ryan Estrada"

His response:
"What is this? I don't understand what I am looking at. I thought you were applying for a position drawing manhwa? This doesn't look anything like manhwa!!!"

"Hello again Mr. Hart,
As I said, I am not a Korean manhwa artist. I am an artist who has spend time in Korea. And I am not applying for anything, I am answering your e-mail. But since you are looking for something in a manhwa style, here are some quick samples.
(I attached some drawings of popular Korean characters, like Dooly the Dinosaur)

Chris responds:
"What is this? This doesn't look anything like Korean comics. I was looking for something like this."
(He attaches a page from a Japanese comic book, complete with japanese text)

"What you attached is manga. While there is are a lot of Korean comics drawn in a manga style, there are many other original styles that are exclusive to Korea."

"Please stop e-mailing me."

And that was the end of my interaction with Mr. Christopher Hart.

(Text of e-mails approximate, since I no longer have the originals. Pictured: Dooly The Little Dinosaur, because it is much cooler and Korean-comics-related than including anything from Chris Hart's book.)

Remember when Google+ used to be better than Facebook? Neither do I.

Wait a second, they both suck. :(

Log onto Google+ every 2 months just to complain how shitty it is.
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