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Configuring Preferences to Fit Your Company
An organization’s
approach to accounting often depends on the type of business it is and its
objectives, policies, procedures, and industry. For example, maybe you use
inventory tracking and payroll—but maybe you don’t. The way you and your
accountant like ...

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Banking Online with QuickBooks
By synchronizing your
real-world bank accounts with the bank accounts in QuickBooks, you can download
your bank balances and transactions into your QuickBooks company file so you’ll
always know how much cash you have on hand. (The connection you set up betw...

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Tracking Finances with Reports and Graphs
QuickBooks comes with
loads of built-in reports that show what’s going on with your company’s
finances. But having a dozen report categories with several reports tucked into
each one presents a few challenges, particularly if you’re new to both business

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Budgeting and Planning
As you’ve no doubt
noticed in business and in life, the activities that cost money almost always
seem to outnumber those that bring money in. Most companies want to make money
and most nonprofits want to do the most with the funds they have, so budgeting

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Working with Sales Tax
Sales tax can be complicated, particularly in
states where the number of tax authorities has exploded. You might have to pay
sales taxes to several agencies, each with its own rules about when and how
much. QuickBooks’ sales tax features can’t eliminate thi...

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Managing Inventory
As you record inventory
purchases and sales in QuickBooks, the program keeps track of your inventory,
just as the point-of-service system at the grocery store does when a cashier
scans items. This chapter begins by explaining how to turn on QuickBooks’

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Managing QuickBooks Files
When company ledgers were
made of paper, you had to be careful not to tear the pages or spill coffee on
them. Today’s electronic books require their own sort of care. Protecting your
QuickBooks files is essential, not only because they tell the financial st...

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Keeping Track of Financial Tasks
Attention to detail.
Follow-through. These are a couple of the things that keep customers coming
back for more. Following through on promises and calling to check that an issue
was resolved successfully is good business. But sending reorder brochures after

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Performing Year End Tasks
As if your typical
workday isn’t hectic enough, the end of the year brings with it an assortment
of additional bookkeeping and accounting tasks. As long as you’ve kept on top
of your bookkeeping during the year, you can delegate most of these year-end

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Making Journal Entries
Most of the time, you
don’t need to know double-entry accounting (page xxi) to use QuickBooks. When
you write checks, receive payments, and perform many other tasks in QuickBooks,
the program creates transactions that unobtrusively handle the double-entry a...
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