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Have you ever seen commercial airliners perform formation flying? It is awesome, this video. Have a look.

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Envrionmental Testing & Technology wishes you a Happy Earth Day

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For Post-Remediation Mold Clearance Testing - Call ET&T Today
760-804-9400 or visit

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How's the Indoor Air Quality of your Home? Call ET&T (760) 630-9300

Indoor Air Quality, Mold & Moisture, Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs), Radio Frequencies (RFs), Lead & Asbestos, Infection Control, and Litigation Support

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The Emissivity of a material is defined as the relative ability of its surface to emit energy by radiation. If three different materials such as the skin of a person, a wooden desk and a metal sheet that all have the same temperature will appear differently through infrared imaging. This is the reason for high mis-use of infrared imaging for detecting moisture in walls to determine the presence of mold growth. For example, there is a concern of possible mold growth inside a building’s walls and a hired professional uses infrared imaging solely. The infrared imager might show what looks to be moisture by the display of ‘cooler’ colors, but in reality cannot be definitive. There are too many variables that could lead to the misinterpretation; if the wall has metal inside, then that metal may reflect the temperature based on the time of the day being assessed. Instead, the most effective way to detect mold growth behind walls or beneath surfaces is by use of a moisture meter, which uses the conductivity of water ions to complete a circuit. Infrared imaging can still be used to determine temperature variations in building materials but should not be used as a sole method in moisture detection. The only thing worse than tearing down your wall to remediate mold is tearing down your wall and not finding any.

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Health and Immunology Study following Exposure to Toxigenic Fungi (Stachybotrys chartarum) in a Water-Damaged Office Environment

There is growing concern about adverse health
effects of fungal bio-aerosols on occupants of waterdamaged
buildings Accidental, occupational exposure
in a nonagricultural setting has not been investigated
using modern immunological laboratory tests The objective
of this study was to evaluate the health status of
office workers after exposure to fungal bio-aerosols, especially
Stachybotrys chartarum (atra) (S chartarum) and
its toxigenic metabolites (satratoxins), and to study laboratory
parameters or biomarkers related to allergic or
toxic human health effects
(click link below for full article)

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Lead Awareness

Lead is a dangerous element that is estimated to be found in 25% of all homes nation-wide (U.S. EPA 2001; U.S. HUD 1999). Excessive exposure to children can cause reduced intelligence, impaired hearing, reduced stature, and many other adverse health effects. There are two major pathways in which children are exposed to lead paint: either direct consumption such as eating paint chips or more likely the indirect ingestion from hand-to-mouth contact of lead-contaminated house dust or soil. Most parents know to stop their child from eating paint chips, but many are oblivious to the fact that the degrading paint on their walls slowly makes dust-lead, which is easily and unknowingly inhaled or ingested. Any remodeling, reconstruction, paint-removal or re-painting is a huge risk for releasing lead particles into the air. Although lead in new residential paint was banned in the United States in 1978 by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, a previous study conducted by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in 1990 showed that lead-based paint still remained in an estimated 64 million dwelling units (U.S.EPA 1995; U.S. HUD 1990).
(Click the Link below for full story)

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Measuring EMF Just Became Easier!
Common electromagnetic field (EMF) sources are power lines, electric panels, electrical wiring errors and electric equipment.
•Considering purchasing a building near to power lines?
•Is your property out of ET&T's normal service area?
•Do you have electrical interference issues?
•Need to monitor fields over time?
ET&T is now offering a new remote 24-hour EMF test with data logging. It will check your EMF levels around the clock. This provides you with far more information than simple spot measurements with data recording over an extended period of time.
It's as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4!
1.We mail you our simple to use EMF Instrument.
2.You place it where you want measurements recorded for up to 24 hours.
3.You mail the equipment back to us.
4.We download and review the data and provide you with a written report with reference values.
This service offers you the advantage of having measurements recorded for up to 24 hours so you can see what the changes are throughout the day and night. The data evaluation in the report will give you a comprehensive analysis of the AC-magnetic field strength. All of this for an introductory price of $350.00!

Please contact us for more information. We can be reached at 760-804-9400, email us at or visit our website at and click on the contact us tab.
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