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Andrew Horton
Gamer, Nerd, Boyfriend, Atheist, Cretin, Photographer, Enthusiast, doppelganger for hire, Historian specialising in late 24th Century history
Gamer, Nerd, Boyfriend, Atheist, Cretin, Photographer, Enthusiast, doppelganger for hire, Historian specialising in late 24th Century history


I'm planning to start a hangouts game in the coming week or two and I'm scouting for keen players.

It will be running at 7pm GMT on Tuesday evenings. I currently have two confirmed players and a potential third. I am looking for a table of four players.

If you're interested, please say so here so we can arrange accordingly. I'm looking for players who can commit to the session times.



So, I ran my first game of Far Trek over hangouts - two of the three players loved it and one has dropped out.

None of them are what you might call Trekkies, so that's a real challenge. We're going to leave it for now, but I can't help but feel sad that my Trek roleplaying/GMing has fallen short.

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It's finally here! A fortunate find on eBay

As a colossal Star Trek fan who is being pestered to GM a game, I was happy to stumble upon Star Trek. I am short on prep time and thought to do a whole series of episodes just built using the episode creation tables. They look pretty comprehensive and capture the feel of TOS - has anyone done this? Did you find it possible to weave in an overarching story arc?

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Just picking up this game, and got a box of Bào Troops for starting with. I'm not the most confident painter, and in certainly not accustomed to true scale, but I think the first one came out ok. Apologies for the poor lighting.
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I've signed up for the The Hunt for Battlefleet Kruvek event at Warhammer World next month, so I'm furiously painting up an IG get started box. These are my WIP - anyone else going to the event?
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Exciting news for all you Fu RPers!
This has me excited...Monkey the 2nd Incarnation (what I'm calling the revised/new edition).

Fuller announcement on my Monkey Magic blog

Art by +Peter Frain 
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BoL guys - +Simon Washbourne - will you be at Indiecon again this year? 

I appreciate that many people are very upset about Cecil the lion who was shot by a dentist for sport. I abhor trophy hunting for the barbaric practice that it is, however what I hate more than hunting is large scale and widespread abuse and murder of men, women and children.

Uganda seems to be rife with this sort of thing, but nobody is up in arms about it. You can be angry about animal cruelty AND human rights violations, but people seem only concerned about the lions. I can only assume that folks aren't aware of what the people who cohabited with Cecil are living with, so I thought I would do a cursory Google to save you all some time. Here's some clippings from Wikipedia's page on Uganda:

-The number of internally displaced persons is estimated at 1.4 million. Torture continues to be a widespread practice amongst security organisations. Attacks on political freedom in the country, including the arrest and beating of opposition members of parliament, have led to international criticism, culminating in May 2005 in a decision by the British government to withhold part of its aid to the country.

-Child labour is common in Uganda. Many child workers are active in agriculture.[47] Children who work on tobacco farms in Uganda are exposed to health hazards.

-Child domestic servants in Uganda risk sexual abuse.[47] Trafficking of children occurs.[47] Slavery and forced labour are prohibited by the Ugandan constitution.

-The US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants reported several violations of refugee rights in 2007, including forcible deportations by the Ugandan government and violence directed against refugees.[48]

-Torture and extrajudicial killings have been a pervasive problem in Uganda in recent years. For instance, according to a 2012 US State Department report, "the African Center for Treatment and Rehabilitation for Torture Victims registered 170 allegations of torture against police, 214 against the UPDF, one against military police, 23 against the Special Investigations Unit, 361 against unspecified security personnel, and 24 against prison officials" between January and September 2012

-As of January 2014, homosexuality is illegal in Uganda and carries a minimum sentence of two years in prison and a maximum of life.
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