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This is awesome. Google has added a handy little sidebar to Docs that lets me search for information related to what I'm writing right there. There's even a one-click citation feature!

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This is a fantastic read about childhood: "...head-on raw experience is the only mode of seeing we have as kids. And so life comes at us like a firehose, before we succumb to the fate of all adults, which is to come to live almost entirely in our thoughts. Patterns and expectations take over. We feel as if we’ve seen it all before, we know our limitations, we know all the possibilties, and there’s no longer a need to watch what actually happens. Life becomes a collection of recurring symbols, which we learn to either covet, avoid, or ignore."

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Nice little summary here
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Nice to see an open invite to collaborate with the Googleplex in making + better integrated with Gmail.
Hi everybody!

I'm Mark Striebeck - Engineering Manager for Gmail frontend. As you can imagine, we are working on several Gmail / Google+ integrations. But similar to some of my Google colleagues, I want to use the creativity and momentum here for some larger brainstorming in a Hangout on Tuesday, July 12 at 3pm (PDT).

I'm pretty sure that all of you use some email client - many probably Gmail. But regardless of the client:
- What email features would make it easier to interact with Google+?
- How could we integrate Google+ features into Gmail?
- How can we integrate social concepts in Gmail to make the email experience itself better?

If you have some interesting ideas, let me know if you want to join me at the hangout and/or write and discuss them in this doc ( please let me know if you want to contribute, and I'll give you access!!! ):

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Saw this via +Steve Rubel. I'm surprised, but maybe I shouldn't be. Interesting to see if others follow.
Decided to forward to my Google+. G+ gives me more (real-time) feedback and engagement than my blog ever did.

Just finished a spreadsheet showing Metro Vancouver municipalities' use of social media: who's using it, who's not, and a list of basic stats. Looking forward to the next phase of analysis to see who's doing it well ...

Looking for kid-friendly vegetarian meals. Any ideas/suggestions?
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