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Heya everyone attending Games on Demand Origins this year... we're gonna try the Boarding Pass system for getting people seated into games! Take a look at how it works! :D

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Volunteer sign up deadline is this Saturday, April 15th!
Come play with us!

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An article is out about War Birds, and my game Mobilize, on Vice's gaming site!

"Some of the best feedback Turkington and the other designers have received came from players who were forced to break character and step into a marginalized person's shoes.

Magrann said she specifically saw people working to adapt to gender rules that probably never had to even think about it before. Mobilize features two workshops: one on gender presentation and one on gender performance. Players then think about how their characters may act in everyday life, with a focus on how that person may dress, style their hair, or how they might walk or loiter.

"Pretty much everybody I've played it with—minus two people—had never thought of this stuff in their daily lives before," she said. "And that blew my mind because I think of it all the time.""

Also features: +Shoshana Kessock +Moyra Turkington +Wendy Gorman and +Ann Eriksen

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Only 12 hours left go get yours!!!!

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Super excited to begin work again on the second issue of our zine RESISTOR: MODULAR BODIES. So fun to work with my bestie Elissa.

Themes for this issue include: birth control, weird body horror magic, bodies in Internet space, connecting through wireless signals, missing parts, everyday tech becoming a part of our bodies, and body rituals.

It feels good to work on something in our current political climate that's creative and also a funnel for rebellious feminist activist feels! But like, still cyberpunk coolness.

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Are you debating whether or not to support Monsterhearts 2? Please do. Its a beautiful game made by a beautiful human. It can use all the support it can get! <3<3<3

Heya Origins Friends!


Hotels seem to be going up fast already! It might be because Pride is the same weekend again. OR maybe Origins is gaining momentum. Or maybe there's a critical mass of queer gaymers WHO KNOWS.

This is your official heads up to book soon and early! <3

Feel free to share!

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Watch us play Monsterhearts! We're aiming for extra emo <3s. Might feature the "Crabby" rules, and the Second Skins.

(Sorry about the spam if you got this invite! Google hangouts is devious in how to schedule on air hangouts)

❤️💛💚💙💜 to #PulseNightclub
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