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There's a  silver  lining  to every dark  cloud.  Don't  assume   you   have  all  the  answers or  solutions and   don't  jump  the  gun.  It;'s   early  days  yet.
  There  are  some   very  good   reasons  to leave  the  EU   which   you  have  not   explored     and  the   advantages   will  soon calm your  unwarrented  fears and  nerves.   Britain  was   Great  before   the   EU  was established  and  there's NO reasons  why she  could not  return  that  title.
  Brittainia  may no longer  the  rules   but   let it never be said  that  she WAS ruled  by  OUTSIDERS  for  their own selfish  and political reasons  made  by  some  dubious  forked  tongue  policiticians.
      Open your  eyes   all ye people.  Allen  Goh, Wellington NZ

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