Today I finally finished version 1.0 of MoNexus, my car-mounted Nexus 7

A 32gb 3G/HSPA Nexus 7 loaded up with music, +Google Maps  navigation and Route 66 for offline backup. TuneIn Radio Pro takes care of streaming radio and off course I've got Google Now running as well, for easy navigation to my next appointment. Contacts are synced so I can easily navigate to friends and family without having to manually enter their addresses. The mount is from Brodit, so it is rock solid and tailor made for my car.

Tasker takes care of all my automation needs: wake up the N7 when the power comes on and turn on BT, turn up the music and turn down the notifications, keep the screen on etc. Version 1.1 will add NFC tags to the Brodit mount so the N7 knows if it's in the car or on my desk. For phone calls I use Tablet Talk which acts as a remote for my Nexus 4. The Nexus 4 is then connected via BT to the Parrot hands free kit I've installed. Audio from the N7 is currently coming from the Headphone out, for version 1.3 I'll add a Stoner Acoustics UD100 USB DAC. Did I mention that the N7 is running a custom rom based on +CyanogenMod  10.1? That makes it the third CM10.1 powered device that I use daily.

Bonus tweak: The N7 runs a wifi hotspot when powered on, sharing it's HSPA goodness. The main reason for doing this is actually triggering my Nexus 4 to enter "car mode", ie. turn on BT, connect to Tablet Talk and otherwise shut up. 

All this means I just have to get in my car and start driving. Navigation and music is instantly ready, I don't even have to turn anything on, just as I don't even have to take my phone out of my pocket or remember to turn on BT. Everything just works.

Future plans: Adding an anti-glare film to the N7, a powered USB hub for the DAC and a 64gb usb key. 
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Wow that's amazing. Once you get them NFC tags you'll really be going good with automated tasks. Its awesome that you've thought about others' safety on the road when you incorporated your devices in your car. Kudos! That's just absolutely stunning
J Jones
BOSS! I'm not worthy!
That's pretty awesome but it's just too bad there aren't any car mounts that use the 4 pin connector so you don't have to have that dangling cord sticking out the side, begging to jiggle loose or get snagged. 
Thanks a lot guys! A good deal of blood, sweat and planning went into this so it's nice to hear that you like it :)

+Andrew Borntrager I have been looking at DIY'ing pogo pins into the mount as it perfectly covers the 4 dock pins (The N7 is actually upside down) so all it would take would be a drill bit and some soldering. The dock pins are 5V in for charging and analog audio out, not a full fledged USB connection. If I then later added a USB hub as planned, I'd have to use the USB connector anyway.

By the way, this is the rom I'm running:
Beautiful setup. If I had a 3G Nexus 7 I'd do the exact same thing. But I might try to find a launcher with bigger icons for easier use while traveling. Also, did you slap an NFC tag on your mount so Navigation and music autorun when mounted?
What is name of the mount mate looks good
Lol not quite one in my profile picture a nissan skyline 
Great idea I look forward to doing this. 
This is great, +Søren Siim Nielsen!  Here's an opportunity for Google to market this to auto manufacturers, have them provide a built-in slide-in / slide-out dash mount for a Nexus 7 instead of the proprietary system each manufacturer provides.  There could be an app ecosystem built around the Nexus 7, with each manufacturer supplying the apps for their particular vehicle models.  This way, everyone will have the most recent apps, the maps will never be outdated, and app updates can bring features and interface changes for all to enjoy.
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