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Why would I pay Blizzard to be able to play Diablo III on my PC - Why not just pay them to be able to play Diablo III period? Simply; add D3 to the list of games my account has access to and let me play it from my PC and my PS3? (and eventually tablet). Why do I pay for physical copies of an online game, why not just pay for the right to play it, regardless of how I play it?

+Russell Holly any thoughts? Has this already been done?
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I'm not sure what you are asking. This is pretty much exactly what I did. I went to, purchased a code, and downloaded the installer.
So you can play it on your PC as well as a PS3 or whatever platform you want? (When it's available for PS3/Consoles) If so: Awesome!
This is the exact same issue with music - people do not pay for the physical media (be it LP record, CD etc) but the right to reproduce (play) the musical work recorded. In essence, people who already have an LP should be entitled to get a CD for free or download MP3's of the same music, but that's not the case...

I can see a reasoning for this, when it comes to games as these are developed separately for each platform (be it PS3, PSP, NDS, NDS3D, PC etc.), so of course they need money for the PS3 version, which doesn't share the same code as the PC version (in large parts).

But they could establish a flatfee and provide access to the game, but the pricing structure would need to be different...
I'm not sure about the availability for PS3, but the way it is setup right now it certainly seems like that is possible.
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