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Søren Siim Nielsen

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I need a Potjie and I blame +Larry Fournillier. 
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+Søren Siim Nielsen  that's how we also roll here on the island :)
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In the undying words of Steve Buscemi:

It's so funny it's freaky!!

Enjoying the heck out of my Mirroball build, using Magic Missile and Wave of Force on T3. For trash mobs I've taken to using Teleport offensively instead of defensively! :D

My full build is here:

Yep, kinda lucked out when I found that amulet. Combined with the arcane bonus from the wand, my Arcane damage is up to 1.88M now. 
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And then we had 3 days of 30+ degrees C (85 F) weather in Denmark and all the otherwise mighty vikings (this one included) were like...

It's not natural for my people to endure this shit. We were built for rain and snowstorms, not this level of face-melting temperatures.
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The mixed ones... would they be then vikizulu?
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Søren Siim Nielsen

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Reason #34634621 why I love The Internet:

1) Driving along merrily, engine light comes on. Ruh-roh.
2) Unplug eco-chip (Like chip tuning, but only for saving fuel)
3) Engine light still on
4) Plug in £6/$10 OBD2 bluetooth adapter
5) Use Torque on my Phone to read out fault codes
6) Fault codes say that the EGR valve sensor isn't getting the exhaust gas recirculated as it should
7) Google Image Search: "Ford Mondeo 2006 EGR VALVE"
8) Image immediately lets me (the NON-mechanic) identify the EGR Valve...
9) ...and the broken rubber tube feeding it
10) Fix rubber tube
11) Use Torque to reset fault codes
12) That's it, step 12 is only here because 12 steps seemed like the right thing to do.

OBD II adapter:

Torque Pro:

The shop would have charged me £200/$350 just to tell me why the engine light was on, but I fixed everything with a $5 app, a $10 adapter and 15 minutes of work, including the time it took me to look up EGR valve sensors.
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I ordered one, even though I don't own a car B-) 
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Søren Siim Nielsen

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Forventningsafstemning = Glade kunder.

Jeg så i lokalavisen at Ry Cykler havde udsalg - blandt andet med 50% på et restlager af hjelme. Min 6 år gamle Nutcase var moden til udskiftning så jeg sprang i bilen og kørte de ca. 20 km til Ry Cykler. Vel ankommet ser jeg hjelmudstilingen med et kæmpe udvalg - og så et lille bord med rester på tilbud. Rester indeed - der var 5 børnehjelme og en blå voksenhjelm jeg ikke kunne passe.

En ekspedient spotter mig og kommer over til mig...
Ekspedient: "Kan jeg hjælpe dig med noget?"
Mig: "Tjah... Jeg så I reklamerede med 50% på nogle hjelme, men jeg skulle da vist have ringet inden jeg kørte fra Skanderborg..."
Ekspedient: "Så laver vi bare en skarp pris på en af de andre! Vi kan ikke have at folk kører forgæves!"

...og det gjorde han så! Jeg havde luret på en Bontrager hjelm så den lavede han prompte 50% rabat på. Sådan sikrer man sig at kunderne kommer igen! Min oplevelse blev vendt 180 grader, fra "Øv, snydt af reklamen!" til at jeg nu anbefaler Ry Cykler til alle jeg kender. Kigger man på markedsføringsbudgettet for en lokal uafhængig cykelhandler så tror jeg faktisk de 274,50 er godt givet ud. 
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Tomrumsforlænger FTW ! 👷
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Søren Siim Nielsen

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We got to see Mary +Maersk!! 

Awestruck 8-year old for scale. Moar pictures later!

Edit: Pics are up!
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Søren Siim Nielsen

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Oh lord, won't you buy me...

Min bror har været selvstændig i henad 10 år og efterhånden må han erkende at når man både er mester, direktør OG salgschef så duer det ikke at ankomme i en udbanket kassevogn. Han har nu derfor købt sig en Mercedes, så han kan ankomme standsmæssigt!

Vores far havde en hel række af denne model Mercedes (altså da de var nye) og mit allerførste minde er fra engang vi skulle på ferie og jeg var super muggen over at jeg ikke måtte smide min elskede blå trillebør bag i præcis sådan er Mercer her. Det var svært nostalgisk at prøve en tur!

Nåja, hvis nogen skulle mangle en fluekneppende grundig og detaljeorienteret snedker der ikke skovler penge ind for at kunne få råd til flashy biler, så fang ham på
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(En) Onsdag. Du kører og jeg betaler for onsdags sneglene ...
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Søren Siim Nielsen

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I got a pretty decent Mirrorball from Kadala, so I just jumped from a firebased Meteor Shower build to Magic Missile(Seeker) with Meteor(Star Pact) as secondary. Thanks to a wand and amulet I had found earlier with bonus to arcane, my Arcane damage is now up to 1.838.308. 

I guess I should move to T3 now :P
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This is the build:

I'm sticking with Arcane as I had previously found a damn nice Moonlight Ward (+25%) and a decent Gesture of Orpheus (+18%). I just switched from Meteor to Wave of Force and I'm having all too much fun on T3 now. I'll post a new vid right away!
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Søren Siim Nielsen

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Too damn hot outside to do anything even remotely sensible, so I just bought tickets for this. Cinemas with aircon sure beats melting in the back yard right now.
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I cant wait to see that!! It looks funny!
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Søren Siim Nielsen

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Woop woop woop!
Starting today, you can mirror exactly what you see on your Android phone or tablet straight to the TV with Chromecast. Whether you’re sharing your family photos from your phone, surfing the web, or searching for your next vacation destination, Chromecast makes it easy to enjoy your favorite entertainment on the big screen TV. Look out for the 1.7 update of the Chromecast app ( on Google Play store to use this new feature, and head to the help center ( to learn more.
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L could end up being the name. So many people already referring to it casually as Android L.
Very cool being able to mirror now! 
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World's Largest Container Ship: The VIP Tour

Click the "show album" link to see all 64 images, for some reason G+ will only show 15 of them otherwise.

I've seen pictures of the ship, read the spec sheets and yet I was not prepared for the sheer scale of this thing. My good friend +Jens Peter S Jensen is 3rd engineer on Mary +Maersk and had arranged for a super-exclusive behind-the-scenes tour while they were docked in Aarhus today. My 8 year old son (and myself) had been looking forward to this for some time but it was even more awesome than we had imagined...

We ended up spending 3 hours aboard this mind-blowingly massive vessel and we really got the FULL tour. We got to stand on the main engines, visit the bridge, see all the crazy tech that keeps this freight ship continent moving and +Jens Peter S Jensen patiently explained everything - from how the lifeboats work to why they tap the hot exhaust gasses for extra power.

It. Was Awesome. In the true meaning of that word.

I've added comments to most of the pictures to explain what's what to the best of my ability. I really enjoyed myself but the best part of it was seing my son having the time of his life and getting his mind blown repeatedly. 
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+Cymru Llewes steam through turbines, but I don't know all the technical details. 
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Søren Siim Nielsen

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About five minutes away from getting a guided VIP tour of the world's largest container ship!

He's almost as excited as I am. 
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Scripting, Troubleshooting & software deployment.
I make problems go away.
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    IT Operations Specialist, 2010 - present
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Too old to die young.
This is me. Almost your average IT specialist, but not quite average after all. I like my job and I like to think that I am good at what I do - but it's only a job. It's what I do so I can pay the bills and provide for my wife and two children. I should also tell you that I have Asperger's Syndrome and ADHD. Asperger's Syndrome is a "mild" form of autism characterized by somewhat lacking social skills and a tendency to have a few relatively narrow interests about which the "aspie" can talk and talk for hours with little or no regard to how boring these topics might be to others. Please don't be offended if I turn down an invitation, but I vastly prefer the company of my family or myself to any party or social gathering. It's not that I'm shy, I'm just not a big fan of people in general. My ADHD doesn't help either, I guess. Many people think that ADHD means I'm bouncing all over the place like Hammy the squirrel from "Over The Hedge" - nothing could be farther from the truth. But at all times either my brain is churning away reading a book or cracking a problem or I'm walking around, tapping my feet or fiddling with a pen. I am physically incapable of just sitting down and watching a movie that doesn't make me think or laugh - or both. Never been a fan of Friends...

It's not like I am a shut-in nutjob living in a basement, incapable of handling human interaction, I'm just better at logic thinking than smalltalk. Yes, I can attend receptions and birthdays, company meetings etc, but while that is something most people can do without even thinking about it, to me it really takes an effort. The best way I can explain it is this: Take a pen and a piece of paper. Now write down "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog". See, that was easy. Now do it again, using your other hand. This time it takes all of your focus, it's hard to do and the end result is not as good as the first time you did it. That's socializing for me. Sure I can do it, but it takes some effort and I'll never be able to do it as well as most others. 

I've been fortunate enough to find a field of work where I can use my strenghts instead of fighting my weaknesses. In my job I basically make problems go away. When we encounter a problem we haven't seen before and our first level supporters can't crack it, I'm the one that gets the task. I can isolate the problem and by working logically and systematically I find the root cause, find the solution, test it, automate it, implement it and add it to the documentation. I would rather spend an hour automating a solution than having to manually do the same 5-minute fix twice. Due to my ADHD I am somewhat easily distracted, but by wearing headphones I can block out the world and just bury myself in the task at hand until I've cracked it. If you don't have eye contact with me, I'm most likely not listening to what you are saying. 

I can be brutally honest, yet fiercely loyal. I speak my mind and I expect you to do the same. Don't try to drop hints or subtle suggestions; Say what you mean and expect me to do the same. If you do something stupid, expect me to point it out, even if you're my boss.
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