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Søren Siim Nielsen

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The Grilled Cheese to End All Grilled Cheese
Pizza margarita grilled cheese is a new favourite with the kids here (and the dad, tbh). Make a quick marinara sauce, smear on bread and top with a ridiculous sufficient amount of fresh mozzarella and some fresh basil. Drizzle with olive oil, and place the other slice on top, sauce side down. Butter the outside of the sandwich and fry it on a sizzling hot pan until the cheese is melted. That's all there is to it!

Gonna add some onions and peppers next time...

Long,detailed recipe and a seemingly endless wall of chatter here:
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Søren Siim Nielsen

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I stay in shape by doing pushups and jumping the gun.
Looks like it might not be deliberately malicious moves keeping Linux off those laptops. Just a combo of companies not caring and horrendous customer service. 

H/t +Renaud Lepage​​
There's a story going round that Lenovo have signed an agreement with Microsoft that prevents installing free operating systems. This is sensationalist, untrue and distracts from a genuine problem. The background is straightforward. Intel platforms allow the storage to be configured in two ...
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صباح الخير حسين من الجزائر تيارت 
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Søren Siim Nielsen

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I never saw the point in Allo to begin with, but those of you who considered using it might want to read this first:

I'll stick with Telegram, Whatsapp and Signal, tyvm.
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If we were smart, we'd shut down the Internet altogether and go back to analog everything. Cash, wired home phones, film and tape, all the tired, old-fashioned wire, solder, vacuum tubes, walkie-talkies, tedious, boring, and unhackable without a court order and physical installation. Stupid idea, right?
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Søren Siim Nielsen

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Things that happen when you let people try your $1850 in-ear headphones...

Sebastién is a brilliant chef and married to my wife's cousin. Yesterday I let him audition the Noble Katana for half an hour with a bunch of high quality recordings. Today he posted this. My work is done. 
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Give it up
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Søren Siim Nielsen

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Chord Hugo vs Chord Mojo (with IEMs)

Using the Noble K10, I can't tell the difference between the two, I really can't. If I switch to the Katana however, I think I might be hearing an ever so very tiny difference in the bass (advantage Mojo) and soundstage (advantage Hugo), but even then we're talking 2-3% difference tops. And it's very, very possible that I only think I'm hearing those differences because they're exactly the differences people told me there'd be. However, when using the Katana I'd be willing to bet my house in a blind test between the Mojo and the Hugo. I can tell them apart 100% of the time, as long as you don't start the music. I thought the Hugo was quiet and had a black background but the Mojo has proven me wrong. That thing is SILENT! When you add in stuff like the Mojo being less than half the size of the Hugo, easier to use and better made and the fact that it charges via microUSB and not the proprietary 12V charger the Hugo needs, it's impossible not to declare the $600 Chord Mojo as the winner - especially because the Hugo will run you a cool $2200.

Some thoughts on the K10 vs. Katana:
The Katana sound is really growing on me. It's fresh, clear, crisp and detailed, with a more "open" sound than the K10. Bass on the Katana goes just as deep as it does on the K10, but the K10 hits you MUCH harder. Both IEMs are very detailed, but with the K10 the music flows over you and if you like you can listen for the tiny details and they'll be there, just where they're supposed to be. On the Katana, every single detail is etched out crystal clear and served for you on a silver platter - yet by what I can only assume to be black magic, they somehow manage to remain musical. The CNC shells are tiny, but the edges start digging into my (addmittedly weird) ears after a few hours. No worries, I just pop in the K10 customs and it's like coming home to your favorite pair of nearly worn-out slippers: A perfect fit, no pressure points and you don't even feel them. 
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نهاركم سعيد 
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Søren Siim Nielsen

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Sure I'll play along.
Dr. Cox for being an irate people-hating genius
Elzar the Chef because BAM, I'm trying to share the joy of cooking weird stuff
Peter "Family Guy" Griffin for obvious reasons.

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I blame +Russell Holly​ & +Dor Kleiman​ 
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Søren Siim Nielsen

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MRW I see that my mini review is featured on the front page of, the biggest headphone community pile of personal audio nerds on the planet. 
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Are you a certified super-nerd now then?Proud to know you😀
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Søren Siim Nielsen

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I know words. I know all the best words. I put some of them together in an early review of the honestly phenomenal Noble Katana IEM.

Also: I took this image with my phone, under flourescent lights at work. That blows my mind a little bit.
(Reposting from The Noble Thread). After a some days with the Katana, I'd like to jot down a few words about my experience with them. This is not a full blown review, just me trying to convey some early impressions. One of the songs that really impressed me on the Katana is “Grand Canyon” by ...
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+Flemming Jacobsen I'm married and I'd love for it to stay that way. 
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Søren Siim Nielsen

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Microsoft and Lenovo prevent customers from using Linux
"Microsoft Signature Edition" pcs have their SSD's locked in a proprietary raid array that won't work with Linux, leaving their owners a choice of running Microsoft Windows 10 or Microsoft Windows 10.

Wow, this is some impressively shady behavior from Microsoft and Lenovo and I predict that it's going to blow up in their faces really bad - not least because of the tons of consumer protection laws they are most likely violating, but also because it's pretty obviously the polar opposite of the "we love linux" campaing MS has been trying to run lately.

H/T +Jonathan Helledie Magnussen
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Tout est parfait 😄😄
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Søren Siim Nielsen

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Pixel Phone Pre-launch hype
Well, I (probably) won't be buying one, but I sure dig the website! Looking forward to the launch in October 4th!
Meet the newest member of the Google family.
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Søren Siim Nielsen

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Vegan hemp mayo
Wonderful things can suddenly appear when you hang out with a chef. Like vegan mayo made from soy milk, with hemp, mustard and parsley. 
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+Mads Sabroe helt fantastisk! Jeg kan godt lide at eksperimentere med hjemmelavet mayo, men jeg har aldrig præsteret en jeg kan spise på brød for sig selv. Det kan jeg med denne her! 
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Søren Siim Nielsen

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I've probably posted this one before. I probably don't care.

Say hello to the beautiful and talented Danish singer/songwriter/pianist Agnes Obel. Now just shut up and listen, okay?

I love hard rock. I love it when the drums hit you like angry punches while guitars shred so hard your face melts. But oh my stars I love the sound of a cello. It's the super confident big bad grand daddy of music instruments, the mellow crooner of strings. It's the 24 year old scotch in a room full of cheap beer. It didn't come here to impress any of you, but it sure as hell will. 
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Fun fact: You don't need unaffordable equipment for this. 😊
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