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I was just checking my registered classes for the summer and I see that I have been unregistered from one of the two courses I signed for.

There was no notification sent for the same. Sounds harsh. Anyody else seen this behaviour

I am half way through the MS and am taking a break. My target specialization is Machine Learning.

Here are few questions:
1. Should I do Artificial Intelligence before Machine Learning course? Or vice versa?
2. Since I am taking a break, I was thinking of doing ML course from Coursera ( or should I try NanoDegree for ML

I am doing Computational Photography this summer. Do I need a DSLR or a mobile camera is good?

Is CS 6601 foundational course? Who can confirm? Do we have syllabus and prerequisites available for the course

I am on registered on two courses... I want to peruse only one...

I am wait listed on The course I want @ #21... And with course having 289 of 300 seats filled, it effectively means 12

The bad part is that I was waiting list 20... And there were 284 of 300 seats filled. I don't know how I got pegged back..

If I get through this wait list... I will release a seat on other course...

Is there any prerequisite(or pseudo prerequisite) for Machine Learning...

Wanted to take computability&algo or Machine Learning. But no seats left.. Will they add more seats. Is it worth to add as wait listed...

I am new to Georgia Tech and trying to enroll in my first class. Georgia Tech is still waiting for transcripts from my university.

Here are my questions:
1. Will I be able to register before my transcripts are received by Georgia Tech?
2. Are there any classes available for Summer 2015 term?
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