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Google's +Matt Cutts on links vs social.  Links right now rank supreme and probably will for the next ten years or so.
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Meanwhile blocking unwanted links is still broken.
That makes no sense. It's like saying "which heats your house better wood or a cast iron stove?". Links proliferate in social. You just made this post on a social network, a post with a link in it, how do you separate the two in terms of effectiveness? Social is a vehicle for links, links are the call to action or executable aspect of social.
Now, if you want to talk about the most effective execution of links in social versus link-bait pages, now we're talking apples to apples.
+Matt McGee covered this yesterday - and I'll say the same again;
far to many people are not thinking, and leaping to conclusions.
They really should learn to stop, think and then open their mouths.
Others need to stop listening to/reading such muppets.

2 different signal sets - with only a partial overlap.
Links are not going anywhere - and G is only using some social signals as minor or contributing factors (no major social signal stands on it's own as far as I know).
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