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PotPieGirl, the one who posted the latest Google quality raters handbook has come back with a new post on Google Raters – Who Are They? She looks into a discussion forum devoted to these quality rater...
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+Barry Schwartz Did you read a comment from +Matt Cutts ? It was interesting to me, though not new.

"Normally we do not comment on ranking methods but I’ll explain a misconception: input from manual raters is used only in the rarest of cases when a non-brand cracks the top ten for high value money terms."
Shared with SELand team, ahve to go offline. thx for heads up.
Hava a good weekend.(it's Saturday morning in Japan.:))
Overall the rater scheme makes good sense, but I'm bothered by raters possibly not living in the countries of the sites they review. I have long suspected this gives them a false interpretation of who are important brands and who are not, based on the media they have access to from the countries they review. IE: UK Ad Quality Reviewers based in the US seems...silly:

This means they wont fully be immersed in local press, bill board advertising, local regional TV channels, radio etc and are probably most influenced by mainstream satellite TV, the web itself, and major publishers.
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