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I think Google is sending out Panda notifications via Google Webmaster Tools. Can +John Mueller +Kaspar Szymanski +Susan Moskwa +Tiffany Oberoi +Matt Cutts or others at Google confirm?
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We send out a lot of notifications, I wouldn't necessarily see them as being limited to any single change / penalty / algorithm change. The goal is usually not to identify specific algorithms, but rather to help the webmaster to improve the quality of the website overall.
So this is a manual message sent to a specific webmaster? Not an automated message?
In this particular case, it was automatically sent at some point after an initial manual review (Matt talks a bit about the differences at When are penalties lifted? ). There are some messages that are more automated (eg outdated CMS version alerts, malware, etc), and others that need more manual input, so it's not really possible to generalize based on this individual message. It's great seeing more feedback flowing to webmasters, and I'm also happy to see that these messages can help to guide the discussions on the forums.
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